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If you plan to travel, we offer a self organised trip. It is much cheaper than buying ready-made tour agencies. Of course, you will have to spend some time to think through all the details, but in the end you will benefit because you will be able to go beyond the standard tourist programs and facilities. This trip will certainly bring a lot of emotions and positive experiences.Why the journey is convenient to take a car

During his stay in a foreign country, the issue of movement is acute. The thought of using public transport in an unfamiliar city many causes of panic and fear. Much more comfortable to travel by car. Of course, you can take a taxi, but more convenient option is to rent passenger cars. You in this decision? Then take a look at the website For reviews of travelers, this is a great project, by which you can easily find the best deals on car rentals. What is the company "Rentalcars"

This website provides information from major trusted companies that offer to rent a car. Those who already have experience in handling similar services, note that you can find a vehicle that will perfectly fit any preferences. You are guaranteed to always receive the car checked from an international supplier.

Each company sets its own guidelines of the rental agreement, so before you sign a agreement, carefully read all clauses in order to avoid trouble. For example, one firm offers to book a car without a Deposit, the other may request additional documents, and the third would insist on the insurance of the rented car.

A firm that helps to book a car in 163 countries!

Strange if you still haven\'t heard It is confirmed that there is great service and most affordable prices. The company Rentalcars provides services for car rental in 6000 cities worldwide, and the number of their regular customers had long since exceeded two million.

Why rent cars in known throughout the world? It\'s simple: the firm provides technical support to users in 40 languages. The company operates a system of postal correspondence and the call center, which employs professional translators. This approach and customer focus can\'t leave indifferent any client.

From all travelers who visited this online service car rental, you receive an opportunity to choose the location of the transaction. Previously, to get the reserved car was only possible at points nearby airports. Today, employees Rentalcars can hand the keys to the car at the railway station, river station and in the historic centre of the city. It is very convenient for a person planning a long journey.What car rental services

Numerous companies give you the opportunity to choose from an impressive range of vehicles. And here are the budget brands, and nimble compacts, and luxury SUVs. In fact, the cost of renting a car depends on its class. Rentalcars clearly stands out from other international companies as it offers customers the most affordable prices. In addition, she is the pricing policy in this company is honest and transparent: it does not take a Commission for credit card payments or amendments to the map of reservation.

By the way, Rentalcars offers the possibility of renting a car in Moscow. Located in the capital office works without breaks and weekends to find travelers the best option at an affordable price and at the right time. Renting car without driver will be cheaper. In Moscow the most popular machines among clients are:Economy: Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Panda, Fiat 500.SUV: Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Opel Mokka.Standard: Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Audi A3, Ford Mondeo.Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan, Opel Zafira, Volkswagen Touran, Ford Galaxy.Station Wagon: Ford Focus Estate, Opel Astra Estate, Volkswagen Golf Estate, Skoda Octavia Estate.Convertible: Ford Mustang Convertible, Chrysler Sebring Cabrio, Fiat 500 Cabrio, Audi A3 cabrio.Luxury: Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300.The secret of popularity of the company

Employees of the company Rentalcars doing everything possible so you could get the maximum positive travel. After having the opportunity to travel in a rented car, you can visit any places to learn and see all that you\'re interested. Rental cars can save you a lot of time, which would have to spend looking for the right Shuttle bus, train or ride.

With their success, the company "Rentalcars" owes well-built strategy of development. The basis of her commercial policy is the basic principle of "price-quality", so the service here is top notch. The process of booking a car in any point of the globe does not cause difficulties even with a limited travel budget. In addition, the company does not stop there and tries to make more favorable and affordable terms of rental. To achieve this, managers Rentalcars: Focus on the needs of the customers, studying customer feedback and addressing gaps in service.Cooperate only with the companies that hire (rent) cars which have excellent reputation. These include as the popular services from around the world, and little-known local firms.Increase the competitiveness of car rental companies which have a positive impact on pricing, the increase in the number of special offers.Accompany the client from the moment of contacting the company and until the expiration of the rental agreement.Provide consulting support on any emerging issues.

Quality service and excellent reputation

It is important that Rentalcars allows you to choose any car in the mobile app that makes searching quick and comfortable. In addition, you will be able to compare all the available offers and see the opinions of those who have used the service on the website Customer reviews, to make sure the quality of service in my experience, this is something that will help you make the right choice. Without leaving home, just going to the website, you can not only book a car for the desired date, but also to take care of the provision of additional services (e.g. insurance, child seats etc.). Turning to "Rentalcars", clients free themselves from the solution of a number of routine questions and situations.

Why should you apply here? Because it\'s not just guarantee the best ratio of cost and high quality, and allow not to think about problems, give you peace of mind throughout the trip.

Wherever you go, "Rentalcars" is always there. The company employs over 1,200 people. Our offices located in 70 countries and 49 thousands of car rental guarantee uninterrupted operation of the company. By the way, Rentalcars is among the top seven brands in the tourism sector who provide services online. Agree, corporations will not risk their reputation by promoting "grey" offices and tricking customers.How to rent cars on site

Now let\'s try a more detailed understanding of the instructions for booking the car on Phone support listed on the website, so if you have any questions, you can contact to consult on a particular issue. However, any difficulties in the process of reserving a vehicle you have should arise.

To provide yourself with complete freedom of movement, visit the website. First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the set of options that will be asked when applying for insurance. Often offered on the service, the price of renting a car for a day (usually three days) below total cost shown in the agreement. This is an important point, as carelessness in the contract can bring a number of problems.

Next, I\'ll walk you through how to take the car out on the website For example, use specific directions and set a date of travel. You must also specify the dates that correspond to the tickets, booking a hotel room or.Check and enter personal data

On the main page of the site shows the form you are completing. For example, in the "Country" field select from the drop down list, Russia, in the "City" referred to Moscow, and in the item "Place" is defined as close as possible to the place of intended arrival point of hire. For example, Sheremetyevo airport. Next, specify date of collection and return, and then click "Search".

Will have to wait a few seconds until the program will scan the database and will generate the appropriate client RFQ. Appears on the page, all available on a specified date options. If you find something that suits you, book. For example, to save money, you can rent the two-door Fiat 500. If the budget rental car allows you not to hurry and to find a more comfortable car, check with other offers. Considering all the options, also pay attention to the paragraphs of the terms of the agreement governing the refilling process. Often prescribed in the agreement receipt and return the car with a full tank of fuel.

Still not sure about your choice? Don\'t forget to see what is the rating of this car. Users who have taken advantage of leave their feedback, then publish them.Select the appropriate option

The next stage – the transition to the page with a detailed description of any proposal. Pay attention to the initial price. If she, for example, is 6925 rubles., it does not mean that the price will remain unchanged. Payment amount will increase depending on the selected package options. If you choose, say, "Full coverage", then put in front of the button with the mouse and go to further action on the reservation.

Now on the page there is a form in which to enter data about the driver:surname, name and patronymic;e-mail address;contact number in international format.

Specify your real data as e-mail or phone number will receive a text message with the code (link) to confirm.

Then proceed to the direct payment of any car. The price, which was originally specified to this point has increased almost twice – from 6925 to 13109 RUB Thus, insurance is "Full coverage" cost almost as much as renting a car. If the cost suits you, enter the data of your Bank account (or card) and then click on the "Book".Recommendations from experienced users

Thus obtaining a rental car without a driver. The email address will be notified about the successful booking of the selected car. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, do not forget that:You always have the ability to save by avoiding the complex and selecting partial insurance. This is a private matter, the transaction will take place regardless of type of insurance.Before you get the keys, carefully read the form of car rental. Check that no error occurred in the specified personal information.Again read the terms and conditions of the lease, after all, any car rental company they can vary. For example, one firm provides the car with an empty fuel tank, and the other with a full. Accordingly, to return the car you will also need made.Do not rush to take the first available option, since many companies and they do not always offer the same prices.Keep in mind that the reviews about writing real customers. Their feedback is an objective assessment of the work of the service.Some useful documents for the contract

To go on a trip, in addition to a passport (passport) or other identification number, you will need other documents. They needed to rent a car in Moscow or any other city:credit (debit) card with a sufficient amount in the account;the voucher confirming the fact of payment;driver\'s license, valid not less than 12-24 months (term determines the rental company).

The majority of firms offering their services, put forward the standard requirements for age of driver. If you are under 30 or over 65 years, it is likely that you will have to pay an additional fee. In addition, customers have the possibility to rent a car for a third person. The main condition is that information should meet the requirements of hire firms. All that is necessary is just to enter your personal data on the driver.

Almost all the offers for cheap car hire in included for indemnity in the event of an accident, theft, as well as all mandatory fees and taxes established by the legislation of the host country.Negative customer reviews: what\'s not to like in the service

Turning to the views of customers, you can learn a lot. Thus, the disadvantages of rent in "Rentalcars" include the following details:Despite the convenience and popularity of the system in Russia, not in all cities the firm is represented by its offices and rental agencies. In this respect, the company is yet to grow and develop.To obtain the approval of the application, and therefore the car, are entitled only to those drivers, whose driving experience more than 2 years.If you believe the reviews, Rentalcars can keep your card the extra amount if you return the car in a dirty condition.Sometimes the process of taking and returning the vehicle is delayed. Not to be late for the train or plane, try to arrive to the rental early on for 15-20 minutes.Most of the proposals involve limited mileage. I.e. more than 250 km a day in a rented car to drive is not permitted.The movement of the car hiring companies can not be called economical – in addition to the rent, you will have to pay for additional services and insurance.

Check the car before you rent!

Before you take the car, thoroughly inspect it and fix the camera various defects on the body or in the cabin. So you can prove that, say, a scratch on the front bumper put someone before you. Carefully inspect the car together with your agent to ensure no minor damages or dents on the outside and inside. You need to be sure that all defects are made in the form of rental. So you protect yourself from misunderstandings and disputes.

Before leaving the Park, sit behind the wheel and check operation of all levers, lamps, air conditioners, wipers. Don\'t forget the agent to open and close the door locks, to make sure there is a spare wheel, cigarette lighter, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Also note the gauges, remember the initial level, odometer, fuel, oil, check for leaks in it, if filled the washer fluid in the tank.

In case of any disputable moments, managers "Rentalcars" not involved in the problem, and send the customer to solve it to the car rental company. Thus, the firm is engaged exclusively in the processing of data about customers and collect cash.Why is this company so popular: its benefits

In most cases, people who applied to "Rentalcars", be satisfied that:To pay machine can be done from any country of the world.The calculation is possible in any available currency.Employees of the rental company are not annoying calls during the period of the contract.Provided the following services: personal driver, GPS, child seat, travel system for baby, chain wheels, unlimited access to the Internet.Available wide selection of cars, among which there are multiple models for a large family.Any information provided to the website during the booking process, including personal information protected by the privacy policy of the company.The service "Personal driver" from Rentalcars

The pace of modern life often put us in front of situations in which you need to stay mobile and quick. If you can not drive a car, you\'ll appreciate the service "Personal driver". "Rentalcars" to take care of their customers, offering not only car hire but also quality and professional service. The service "Personal driver" is perfect for those who:not feeling confident on the road in a strange area where there are other traffic rules;does not have sufficient driving skills, and therefore is afraid to be responsible for someone else\'s property;wants to emphasize their status and high position.

Rental car with driver has many advantages, including the lack of different kinds of difficulties with documentation, operation of the booked transport. In addition, a driver well-versed in an unfamiliar city, so you can quickly get to it anywhere. You will definitely be happy taking a car to rent on the website in Moscow. Telephone Metropolitan office will also be able to find in the "Contacts"section.

Another bonus is promotions and loyalty discounts apply for returning customers "Rentalcars". Presenting a coupon or promotion code, you will be able to save a bad at affordable price rental car of your dreams. Don\'t hesitate to call if you need to get advice or clarification on issues concerning the lease.

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