The VR app is creepy porn real life stars

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The VR app is creepy porn real life stars

Camasutra remote control VR unveils its new "porn star " avatar experience", at a recent porn awards show, and there is now also a video that shows what looks like the new frontier of the industry.

The company uses a large camera array to model the exact body of the porn stars in 3D.

These 3D scans were then ported into the game, so that it were possible to interact with virtual porn stars, as if real.

With motion-tracked handheld Controller, it is possible to physically touch the adult stars of all time, and watch how they interact.

The user receives no direct stimulation from the VR-device which is only visual.

You can even touch the virtual actors, with the hand-Tracker.

The realistic models are the latest development in the VR porn revolution.

Camasutra remote control-in-chief Adam Sutra it is said: "Our big plan is uncensored to create worlds, to represent where people are real-time experiences with our digital avatars, to find ways for adult stars, in the digital world, the creation of new sources of income and experience in the industry."

He said the goal was to re-create the real movements of the porn stars in the virtual world, but live in real-time.

“Crafting a true-to-life nude character in real-time is our Holy Grail.

“This is a complicated technical, and requires a tremendous amount of research.

To pre "in contrast-rendered blockbusters, where it can take days to render one frame, we tried to achieve this in real-time and at 90 frames per second."

The 3D scans include the photographing of models from every possible angle.

One of the adult Actresses in the project Casey Calvert is involved.

In a sultry VR experience, guests are able to walk around Casey in a 3D space, and even sex to simulate with her.

Casey\'s whole body was measured and re-created in the virtual world with amazing accuracy.

"It\'s crazy, when I was able to see me in VR, things said about my body that I noticed only really ever," the XXX-film-star.

"There is realness is really amazing," she added.

This article originally appeared in the sun, and published here with kind permission.

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