The Windows were massively attacked

Опубликованно 14.04.2018 11:30

The Windows were massively attacked

Massive cyber attack aimed at infecting computers with kleptomania were recorded by the specialists of Microsoft. Victims of criminals could be 400 thousand people. This publication reports Bleeping Computer.

Web analysts have discovered traces of a digital campaign to spread malware. A complex of 80 thousand sophisticated Trojans capable of disguise, trying to overcome the defensive modules continuously for 12 hours. The attack reflected a software product from Microsoft called Windows Defender (Windows Defender).

The virus was a miner that tried to adapt, grab the computers that are mining crypto currencies Electroneum. The majority (300 thousand) of potential victims were in the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

Malicious software was able to classify as a threat and block almost immediately. Representatives of Microsoft said that Windows Defender found a virus thanks to the newly implemented capabilities of machine learning and cloud computing.

Scripts for mining have become the common tool of hackers. Recently the underlying mechanisms for the implementation of mining cryptocurrencies found in advertising banners on YouTube. Malware downloaded the computer processor by 80 percent, while the user is watching videos. Identical programs are often placed by attackers on sites with adult content.

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