Change in the game that costs less than your grocery bill

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Change in the game that costs less than your grocery bill

Well, you\'re not a 34-year-old man-child living at home and being babied by his parents. And you could make your life much more efficient for less than you spend on your weekly shopping.

The chances are that you\'ve heard of the House of Google, Amazon\'s Echo and Apple\'s HomePod, the powered speaker voice-activated intelligent assistant, which is good, because they hold the key to the wildly a better life I\'m spruiking after becoming a convert.

Here\'s why.

Google has audiobooks for its smart speakers and voice assistant in Australia.


Most of us have used Google Assistant Siri on our smartphone, then you already basically know what is a smart assistant.

Unlike your cell phone, Google Home, Amazon\'s Echo and Apple\'s Homepod all integrate virtual assistants with the speaker hardware, which allows you to transform your home into the automatic mode, voice-activated, app-controlled hub.

You will obviously need a power source and internet connection to use the products, but once connected, can act as a voice controlled music players, readers, personal search engines, while also connecting to other Wi-Fi devices in the house.


All the smart speaker systems are driven by voice-activated controls, alarm your virtual assistant.

Amazon Echo is activated by the wake word УAlexaФ, Google Home use УHey GoogleФ or УOK GoogleФ and Apple uses УHey SiriФ.

Third-party devices such as Sony\'s impressive LF-S50G Smart Speaker to use the Google software, so that the assistant is summoned in the same way to the House.

After the awakening of the speaker, it is possible to automate a series of tasks. And don\'t worry about not being understood Ч all three assistants have been programmed to understand Australia\'s unique dialect and slang terms, which means that nothing is lost in the translation. Bloody ripper cobber.

Apple HomePod is more expensive than the other.


One of the really useful features is to get answers to specific Google searches, while also doubling as a calculator, dictionary, nutritionist or by a translator.

D. Alexa, what is the capital of New South Wales

A. The capital of New South Wales is Sydney.

But on a more practical level, if you are a person who is struggling to stay on top of things, these products are able to inform your day based on what you have in the applications relevant to your account.

Think weather, calendar entries, exchange information, and reminders, all from a simple command.

Q. OK Google, What\'s my day looking like?

A. good morning, Matthew. The weather in Annandale is currently 10 degrees. You have to be at your appointment in Newtown at 9.30 am. Based on traffic, the journey lasts 15 minutes.

Alexa also offers the ability to order a pizza or call an Uber from your Echo device.


But it is not only a question of efficiency.

One of the fun things to do with the products of the search for the Easter eggs Ч an undocumented feature in a piece of computer software.

Q. OK, Google: What are some of your favorite things?

A. Gumdrops and wattles and mustache on wombats, and choctops to the cinema.

Q. OK Google: What does a kookaburra sound?

A. Goo-goor-race. (Of course, this is the true sound of a kookaburra and it is not my feeble attempt at magic.)

While Alexa can help you write the words, do not ask her such as Уjalape?oФ is written because she will repeat the word.

Me: Alexa, spell jalape?oAlexa: Jalape?o is written... jalape?o.Well, thank you.Ч Jay Davis (@meowmeowwings) July 18, 2017


Home Google\'s, Amazon\'s Echo and Apple\'s HomePod all have partnerships with the manufacturers of smart-home products, so you can connect to your home network control and Wi-Fi-operated lights.

You know that frustration when you come home loaded with groceries, children, mobile phones, keys, and need to turn on the lights or when you finally score that date and want to set the mood. You can adjust and change the color of the lights. Smart lights such as the LIFE of the A19 LEDS will cost you about $ 80, while a product like the Philips Hue will be a bit more expensive at $150 for a starter kit.

There is also the possibility to control your tv using the Chromecast or Apple TV connected to the HDMI port of the TV.

You can also control the thermostats, locks, robot vacuum cleaner, security cameras, fire-fighting and also of garage doors. Each product will be able to offer a complete list of compatible devices, then it is best to check if your pre-existing products are compatible and then decide on your smart the speaker based on what works best.

Amazon has three different models of its Echo smart speaker.


If you buy a second or third device, it is possible to set the multi-room audio systems what are you listening to, will be transmitted on all speakers in the house.

It also allows for the transmission of messages between devices in the home Ч ideal for any parent trying to get the attention of all.

Just say: УOK Google, pass on the dinner is readyФ and this will send your voice in all connected smart speakers in the house Ч which means that the mother of a teenager does not need to risk knocking on her door when he has finished his УhomeworkФ.


While it is possible to use the Home page to Google and Amazon Echo with your iOS device Apple HomePod only works with its products.

If you are someone who is trying to play the music from your streaming service on the speaker, it is worth noting only Apple\'s Music works on the HomePod, with Spotify and Pandora exclusively for the Amazon Echo and Google Home. .

СOK Google, set a timer for three minutes.Т


I often hear concerns about these devices, always listening, if you say the wake command. After the command, everything is recorded and uploaded to the server of Google or Amazon, but can be easily removed in applications for smartphones, at any time.

By recording your commands, products that aim to improve their understanding of the voice and the accent, to help make them more competent. Worst case scenario for those who worry about is the possibility of using the physical mute switch to stop the microphone to collect the sounds, even though this kind of negates the reason for it would be a smart speaker to begin with. The best advice is to ensure your home network is secure and your devices are up-to-date with the latest software to mitigate your data to be stolen, your privacy compromised, or the smart home violated.


I have to admit I had my doubts about the voice activation, speakers, smart, and I thought they were nothing more than a game, but you have used the Google Home page and the Amazon Echo for the past few months, I think it was definitely worth the investment.

For me personally, I have been with my Google homepage for months and have not looked back. I use it to set the timer during the cooking, to play music while I clean the house and to show you how I can make my lights change colors. Even my parents, who are slightly hesitant to embrace emerging tech, and have loved the product, with Mom and Dad to speak using the transmission system more than I probably should.

When looking at what is right for you, it\'s worth reading the extensive reviews to discover the pros and cons of each product. For example, the third-party Sony device is water resistant and has a digital clock, while Siri has been criticized for not corresponding to the intelligence of Amazon\'s Alexa, or Google Assistant.


Below you will find the recommended retail price for all products, but with a little shopping around, you will be able to find more economical. THE HOME PAGE OF GOOGLE MINI Ч $79GOOGLE HOME Ч $199AMAZON ECHO DOT Ч $79AMAZON ECHO Ч A $149AMAZON ECHO Ч $229 SONY LF-650G Ч $249 APPLE HOMEPOD Ч $499

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