Google closes the service of short links

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Google closes the service of short links

Google announced the closure of the shortening service URL Instead, the company proposes to use "smart" links to Firebase Dynamic Links, capable of working with applications. The reason for the closure of — a massive shift of users seeking information online with the usual web pages to apps and mobile devices.

Google has announced that it is closing its shortening service URLS, launched in 2009, As explained by the company over the years has significantly changed the ways in which users find information in the Internet instead of web pages are now more commonly used applications, mobile devices, home helpers, etc.

Instead of the company provides users with Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) is a "smart" URL that could lead the user to any location inside iOS, Android or web app. Despite the closure of, all created with its help, the links will still work. They will not be automatically carried over to the Firebase, but the user will provide an opportunity to migrate independently.

New and anonymous users will lose the ability to create links using the console from 13 April 2018 Registered users who already have created using the service links to, will be able to use the functionality of including the management of links and Analytics till March 30, 2019. After that, the service will completely stop working, but it created links will continue to lead where lead.

As for developers, since may 30, 2018 links will be able to create only those who have been given access to the URL Shortener API. Interfaces will continue to operate until March 30, 2019, with their help you can make the management of links. After this API will eventually stop working. Alternatively, Google again offers the FDL API. Firebase convenient for developers because it provides a statistics — how many clicks have been made on the link, what types of devices it is displayed, etc.

The need to reduce the URL can occur for many reasons. For example, the short address is easier to use in messages, where the number of characters is limited. Recall that in the social network Twitter, this restriction was originally to 140 characters. So first, the social network auto-shortened URL using the TinyURL service, the first such service launched in 2002 and in 2009 moved on a In the end, Twitter has created its own service address abbreviations

Also the need to reduce the URL can be motivated by a desire to hide some data that are reflected in it. Such services often use pornographic and malicious resources. Finally, the reduction of the address reduces the risk of distortion when copying or recording by ear.

In its report, Google itself recommends as a replacement for goo.such services gl link shortening like and the platform HootSuite, requires registration, but allows you to create links for free. Popular provides you with the capability of categorization, renaming, and customization of short addresses, the newspaper notes on 9to5Google, and also allows to use short URLs branded domain.

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