Tyres Goodyear UltraGrip: overview, description, features and reviews

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Tyres Goodyear UltraGrip: overview, description, features and reviews

Winter is the season when the shoes is not only we, but also our cars. Given the huge variety of winter tires from different manufacturers, to make a choice independently very difficult. After all, every company tries to make their product more unique and quality, applying innovative technology in its production.

How hard is it to develop a good rubber, it is necessary to consider many factors, in comparison with summer period of time. It frosts and ice, and sleet. Large companies operate and create more and more adapted to the realities of winter tires. Here will be considered the brainchild of one of such companies – Goodyear Ultragrip: description, reviews and detailed characteristics of the tires. General description

This winter tires are many, and positive. Negative too, which include the loss of spikes. Rubber was very soft and riding on asphalt is not recommended if you don\'t want to lose 70-80% of the spikes for a couple of seasons.

However, ice is a completely different situation. The spikes will not fall out. This Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Artic is better than other representatives of winter tires. Elements of the tread are very massive, but soft enough that the driver felt comfortable driving in the snow. The shoulder area ensures a good controllability in a rut.

Operating parameters

The speed limit data usage tyres 190 km/h, which is very high. For a winter fast driving thing, but you need to think is it worth it. Sizes vary in the range from R13 to R17, there can be used on almost any machine.

However do not expect large width tires. The size is limited by the widths 155-225 mm. But it is only a plus, as the wider tires, the worse the car feels on ice. The height of the profile is also limited to 70 millimeters. The most optimal is the choice of 60 mm.As for the spikes...

The appearance of the spikes is quite interesting, they are not round and have the shape of a triangle. This is a distinctive feature Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Artic. But it\'s not a design decision, and functionality. Face better cling to the ice or the rolled snow.

Also, the developers took the time to create a special way of fastening the spikes to they are better kept. But as was said above, this doesn\'t help, the spikes fly only so. During the do start out smaller, but on a long drive is lost very quickly. Produce tyres Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Artic poles and Germans. Next will be the important nuances of these tires.

Reviews of Goodyear Ultragrip from buyers

Anyone before buying this or that thing looking reviews. This also applies to buyers of winter tires. So better to visit many car forums because there are already all painted. Usually the tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Artic put a perfect score. Note the following:excellent stability on groomed snow;not too high, but not low price;stability on the ice;spikes perfectly cling to snow and ice.

This is just part of the nuances, note by the owners, which are important in the first place. For example, in the reviews on Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic is still misleading, which is pretty good prevent the demolition side. This is achieved by strengthening the shoulder area and large elements of the tread. The car owners will usually be happy with the purchase. What are the cons?

The disadvantages include the high noise level of the tires, but too noisy, it is still impossible to call. However, don\'t expect perfect comfort. All studded tires anyway, making noise. And the level of audibility depends on how the car copes with strange noises.

The main drawback – the loss of spikes tires, which are made in Poland. But it all depends on how and where to ride. If mostly on asphalt, with spikes, you can say goodbye if it\'s snow-covered area and ice it will last long enough.In addition, about Goodyear Ultragrip 2

This model appeared relatively recently, in 2014. 2 replaced the Ultragrip Ice Plus, which a was positive, as car owners and auto. The hallmark is the increased controllability and a high ability to cling to snow and ice. Braking quality is also improved.

But Ice+ was much more successful, as the creation of bus Ultagrip 2 spent about four years. There were many prototypes and tests, but this affected only in its favor. Reviews auto experts are mostly positive. Also the time was used to create new Active Grip that improves control on the icy crust. This is achieved through the use of combined lamellae and the new composition of the rubber. The result is a 2 layer rubber: hard and soft, that combine handling and traction.Combined lamella

You should pay attention to the slats. Engineers for the main layer of rubber and regular used different lamellae. Top layer is used the mesh structure, and on the base molnienosnaya. This solution gave good longitudinal stiffness and a better quality of contact with the road.

The tread pattern of Goodyear Ultragrip Arctic well prevents aquaplaning. The openness of the lateral grooves made it easy to take wet snow and water from under the contact of the rubber with the road. Active blocks can significantly reduce braking distance. Customer reviews confirm this.Conclusion

In this paper, we have considered most popular tires from Goodyear. We can say that these products are pretty high quality and allows you to be confident when driving on snow. However, the price is still above the budget level. This rubber for those who appreciate the confidence and control of the car. However, the durability leaves much to be desired. Choose the best for your car!

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