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Driving school

Everyone dreams about their own vehicle with which you can forget about public transport. However, to buy a car, you must obtain the appropriate license for the management of ATS. Today in St. Petersburg there is a huge number of various driving schools. One of the largest organizations is the network learning the basics of driving institutions "Smolny". However, before you go to study and choose the best Department of the institution, should read the customer reviews, trained. Description

Photo of a driving school "Smolny", reviews and other information can be found on the official website of the organization describes the main services of the company. Their list includes the rights of categories B, C, D and E. Also in this organization is retraining drivers. This network of driving schools is the largest in the cultural capital of Russia.

If to speak about branches, besides the head office, there are 23 branches located in various areas of the city. It is worth noting that some teachers and specialist instructors driving schools they were trained in this institution. Because of this, for many years it is possible to maintain a high level of training new drivers.

However, if we talk about the reviews about the driving school "Smolny", there are both positive comments and negative. All depends on the individual and his relationship with the instructor. It is worth noting that the management of the institution monitors the teaching staff and always trying to provide customers with only the best training.

What the reviews say about the driving school "Smolny", the addresses of which can also be found on the website of the company? Note that positive and negative opinions?Driving instruction in "Academic"

This branch of Civil Avenue, 41, has the ability to enroll in a group weekend or to standard training. Speaking of the branch of a driving school "Smolny" on "Academic", the reviews are mostly good.

Many have noted that the theory provided in the most accessible form. The teachers tell interesting and instructive history. After these sessions, which are filled with humor and useful information, knowledge remains in the head.

If we talk about the practice, in some situations, customers can change the instructor. For example, some girls said that Yuri Mikhailovich by Anaheim much easier to find a common language with the representatives of the strong half of mankind. On the other hand, regardless of the gender of the student, the teacher teaches well and explains how it is necessary to correctly drive a motor vehicle.

Also, the reviews about the instructors of a driving school "Smolny" are comments about the second teacher Alexander, who works on the car "Skoda Fabia". This teacher also described as a calm and friendly person. According to customer reviews, almost all students group is always pleased with the quality of education.

Also many say that it is much easier to take exams on "Skoda", since this oversized car much easier to control, especially during the Parking process. Because of this, the majority of pupils without any serious problems pass as driving on the ground, and the exam in the traffic police.

Also, students of a driving school "Smolny" in the reviews advised to try to pass the exam at the site without additional training, since lessons with qualified instructors is enough. It is not necessary to be afraid that teachers will be offended. In this institution marked by a very loyal attitude to the students.Reviews about the driving school "Smolny" ("Kupchino", SPb)

The school is located on the street of Jaroslav Hasek. Some users say is not very flattering about the instructors of the driving school. However, there are pretty detailed reviews, which say that teachers, in contrast, was pleasantly surprised by their loyalty and conscientious approach to learning.

Separately noted Andrei Ivanovich Pavlov. Students driving school describes him as calm, competent, Mature person with sense of humor, who is professional in his field. The instructor helps students not only to plan the course of exam preparation, but also finds individual approach to every student of the school. Almost all who studied in the group of Andrei Ivanovich, passed the driving test in the traffic police the first time.Driving school "Smolny" on Kondratievsky, 64

The reviews about this branch some netizens said that in this case it will be very difficult by yourself to pass the exams. Therefore, it is better to pay for the required extra classes.

However, despite the relatively high cost of lessons, the quality of teaching is at a high level. For example, if a student who is working with the instructor, must dash off 56 academic hours, the teacher will be able to fit all the lessons in 20 hours. Accordingly, we can conclude that the specialists in this branch do not seek to stretch the time as much as possible to earn extra income.

If we talk about successful exams in the traffic police, in this case, all depends on the speed of traffic on the selected track, as well as other factors. In their reviews about the driving school "Smolny" on some Kondratieff drew attention to the fact that training has not been as fast as we would like.

Individual users report a teacher of the theory of Alexey Olegovich, who also works as an instructor. Some students who lagged behind in education, pay for extra lessons with the specialist. They noted that Alexey Olegovich in a very short time helped to understand all the nuances of driving. Many draw attention to the fact that he presents the information in a simple and accessible form. The instructor calmly responds, if the student doesn\'t understand it.

The branch on the Big Porohovsky

This branch of a driving school "Smolny" in St. Petersburg reviews also received mostly positive. Speaking about the instructors of the school, the first thing worth noting is a teacher, Viktor Ivanovich. Many students write that after it is deployed and interesting lectures almost impossible not to pass the theoretical exam. The teacher calmly repeat the information several times and does not provide new material until then, until you are sure that all students understood the previous topic. Of course, this does not mean that self-study traffic regulations and tickets there is no need. However, successfully graduated from the school with gratitude respond about Viktor Ivanovich, as he is able to not only teach theory but also helps to overcome fear on the road.

If to speak about practical training, the students are complimentary about the instructor Dmitry Anatolyevich the Polikarpov, who works on the car "Opel Vectra". Many noted that a motor vehicle is very well maintained, serviceable and easy to manage. Mr Medvedev described as professional with a capital letter, competent and kind person. Many noted that it was faithfully rolling out to all hours and also helps in case of any problems.Driving school in the metro "Prospekt Bolshevikov"

Is this establishment on the street Latvian Riflemen, 1. If we talk about this branch, students say the teacher Andrei Ivanovich becha. He teaches not only theoretical but also practical course. All the students who left feedback about the driving school "Smolny" on the Bolsheviks (SPb), describe him as a very intelligent and polite instructor. Many say that the classes are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It helps to better absorb new information and to overcome the fear of the road.

Andrey never raises his voice, if in the process of driving students have a technical error, he screams, and correctly and very gently points to wrong actions. Almost all students noted that they had received from him not only moral support, but very useful tips.

In addition, some classes are shared with another instructor – Alexander Egorov. He is responsible for the first introductory lessons and also helps on the court. This teacher is calm, sensible and very professional. Almost all students of this branch of the system of driving school "Smolny" in the reviews wrote that they went with pleasure and great interest. This is the main confirmation of high qualification of teachers.Feedback about the driving school on Nevsky 126

This branch of the institution is the most controversial, if we talk about the reviews. Driving school "Smolny" in the Central district, according to graduates, is very different from similar establishments of this company located in other parts of the city. According to some students who have graduated from this institution, out of 20 people, only five got the rights. Also some point out a rather nervous behavior trainers who can very dramatically to speak up if the student makes mistakes.Reviews of the school on "Budapest"

A more accurate address for this office is Small. Chestnut Avenue, 9/1. On the branch of a driving school "Smolny" in St. Petersburg, the reviews are mostly positive. Special popularity of this educational institution is because it has the opportunity to attend theoretical classes of the day. This is especially true for young mothers and people who work during the week.

Almost all students noted that there are no delays in registration of documents occurred. Immediately after payment of the first installment, you can begin training.

If we talk about teachers, as an instructor on the theory separately noted Yevgeny Viktorovich, who also takes the exams. This teacher gets on well with all students and able to convey not only the theory, but to teach driving in practice.

Many have noted the loyalty of not only the teachers but also the administration. If the examinations are taken in the cold season (e.g., when it\'s 20 degrees below zero), in this case, the driving school provides students with a comfortable bus, which transportorul them directly to GAI.

Also, the reviews about the driving school "Smolny" many say that all lessons are clearly laid out. None of the students have not regretted that appealed to this branch.How to train on Leninsky Prospekt, 123/4

This branch also has a large number of positive reviews, as most of the students pass the exam and get my license. If we talk about the teacher on the theory, the students are particularly complimentary about the Baskin Dmitry Dmitrievich. He is able to present information with humor, making classes are held in one breath, and in the minds of the students a huge amount of information.

If we talk about the driving instructor, the best in this branch is considered to be Klimin Anton Stanislavovich. Many students noted that he truly has nerves of steel, and it has a terrific beat. The teacher disposes to afford even the most difficult students. It is simple and accessible language explains every action that you must perform on the road, and thus does not increase voice. Many noted that all of his recommendations are very useful in life.Classes Kustodiev 18/2

If we talk about the reviews of this institution, many students noted that theoretical classes are conducted strictly according to the textbooks and only in some situations, teachers draw on the Board the diagram that caused the most questions. However, you need to understand that in any case the theory needs to be taught, so teachers are not obliged to present it in the most interesting ways.

If we talk about practical lessons, some students were very satisfied, while others noted that on the first lesson, the instructor wondered what the driving experience is the student. Of course, this question is very very confused.

The first classes are on the standard scheme, explains what you need to press the pedal, after which the student may repeatedly try to perform the task of the instructor. However, the main problems that at some point, starts with the desire independently to take exams. In this case, instructors are advised to think several times as there is a large probability that to acquire the rights did not immediately come. In practice it is not so difficult.

Many drew attention to the fact that in the process of training instructors do not explain many important nuances (e.g., how to Park in difficult conditions or how to use reverse gear). Students would like to get more information about what is under the hood of the car and the major components of the car. Many noted that though it is given more time, in fact no practical or useful knowledge they received.

Some say that the attitude of the instructor can vary depending on the specific student. Some students say that the teacher can raise the voice, while others celebrate the loyalty and restraint specialists.

Therefore, if we talk about the training Department, in this case, the opinion was divided 50/50.

It should be noted that the opinions of students may differ depending on the specific branch of the organization. Therefore, choosing a institution, you should consider all advice and warnings. It should be noted that the city has a lot of branches. Therefore, going to undergo training in a driving school "Smolny" on Ushinsky, reviews you need to read about this branch. The same goes for other offices. Each organization can work to different specialists. One can find a common language with any client, others are more strict.

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