Engine oil Neste: overview, description, features and reviews

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Engine oil Neste: overview, description, features and reviews

Oil selection is an important stage of maintenance. Depends on the motor vehicle. There are many different lubricants that have a number of options.

Demand Neste oil. This brand includes several popular lines. Before you buy you need to pay attention to what the product is, what properties it possesses. Manufacturer

Engine oil Neste manufactures by the Finnish company, which has taken a worthy place in the global market. Its activities are the manufacturer began in 1948. In the 70-ies of the last century, the company expanded its production, going to the world level. A large number of lubricants of the brand was exported to the USSR.

In 2005, the company was separated from Fortum Corporation and began to specialize in the production of lubricants. Today Neste Oil factories located in many countries around the world. The company is known in Asia, USA, Europe and Russia. Its products are of high quality.

It should be noted that the company specializiruetsya in the production of lubricants with high environmental performance. In our country practically there are no fakes of this oil. Therefore, the "Neste oil" today is gaining recognition among domestic consumers. Features of the Finnish oils

Neste oil is, according to specialists, you\'ll be a lot of advantages. Other manufacturers pay great attention in the manufacture of its lubricants additives. The purity of the basics often leaves much to be desired. Feature of production of "Neste oil" are special properties of the base oil.

Innovative method of creating lubricating materials allows us to give high stability. This greatly increases the protective properties of the oils. However, their purity is much greater than the majority of formulations on the market today.

Even mineral-based oil that have undergone a special cleaning procedure, you can fill in modern engines. They are not inferior in its qualities and even surpass gidrokrekinga compositions. High environmental performance is the main advantage of oils the Finnish brand. Varieties

To make the right selection of Neste oil, it is necessary to examine the main variety of the presented products. The company supplies the Russian market with 4 kinds of compositions. They are designed for different operating conditions.

To the products that are made entirely with synthetic base stocks, are a series of City Pro, Standard. For vehicles which are operated at loaded conditions, in the harsh Northern climate is more suitable for the first series. It costs 1500-1700 RUB/4 l. the Line "Standard" for new cars whose engines are exposed to medium stress. The price of this oil is 1450-1650 RUB/4 L.

Polysynthetic sold under the name of Premium. It is suitable for cars with average mileage, which are operated with infrequent loads. The cost is 1100-1300 rubles/4 L.

Mineral formulations are designed for vehicles with mileage and engines of the old model. This line is called the Special. The cost is 900-1100 rubles/4л. Advantages

Engine oil Neste Pro, Premium, Standard, Special different set of additives and the type of Foundation. However, they differ in a lot of advantages. The composition of all lubricants produced in Finland includes protivopozarnyi additives. They are manufactured based on the compounds of phosphorus and zinc. This greatly prolongs the life of the motor.

Alkaline figure is high, which in combination with detergent additives based on calcium efficiently combats oxidative processes and pollution. It should be noted that a high level of stability and fluidity provides easy start even in extreme cold. At the same time in the summer film, which covers the inner elements of the system is not broken.

A high level of slip is also provided by special additives. This reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Thus the friction surfaces are not destroyed, are becoming resistant to mechanical damage.

It should be noted that the Finnish climate is quite cold. Take this into account, the creators of the oils. This feature allows you to apply lubricants "Neste oil" on the Russian roads. Popular series

Engine oil Neste Oil is in high demand in our country. However, the most popular among Russian drivers series City Pro. It is suitable for many brands of modern cars. The composition is compatible with the treatment systems of exhaust gases, turbo and multi-valve power units.

The composition can be applied to drive under load conditions. It is poured into the crankcase even sports cars. This synthetic series is ideal for engines that operate on diesel or gasoline.

Buyers argue that lubricants line City Pro fade slightly. At the same time to change the oil do not need a long time. The lubricating composition obtained admission to many of the world manufacturers of motor vehicles. At a fairly reasonable cost the quality of this series is high. Semi-synthetic series

Neste oil to semi-synthetic based also popular in our country. It is made on the basis of artificial and mineral components. This can significantly reduce the cost of production. At the same time its quality remains quite high.

Polysynthetic designed for diesel, petrol engines of cars of domestic and foreign production. It is compatible with engines with a mileage. This is a rather fluid medium which can be applied in most regions of Russia. The motor can be subjected to periodic loads. The oil prevents in such circumstances, premature wear of the system.

The composition of semi synthetic series is a modern additive package. They provide high lubricity, detergency, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties of the oil. The lifetime polysynthetic less than the series City Pro or Standard. However, it is more durable composition than mineral-based oil. Mineral oil

Mineral oil Neste series Special is made with a modern twist. The result is a product with high purity. The base oil is paraffin based. It is in the process of cleaning. This improves the operational characteristics of the composition.

Are the series used by the drivers of the old model. This composition is compatible with the mechanisms, which are characterized by high mileage. The consumption of mineral lubricants is significantly higher than that of synthetic or polysynthetic. However, when the lubricating composition is important to consider the recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

Pour into the crankcase of the engine of the old model synthetics or semi-synthetics can\'t. This may adversely affect engine operation. Mineral compositions are less liquid. They do not seep through loose-fitting seals, cracks. In this case, the motor will last longer. Expert reviews

The feedback motor oil Neste is of high quality. Experts say that available on the market range have many advantages. The Finnish manufacturer is supplying different formulations, which are suitable for the engines of different vehicles.

High level of stability allows the use of oil in both summer and winter. The motor stays protected from different adverse effects. The lack of fakes is also noted by experts as the advantages of these lubricants. Because unlicensed products become the cause of premature engine failure.

Experts also noted the unique composition of the oils of the Finnish brand. They have a high purity and a modern additive package. Thanks to this grease fulfils the requirements of modern international standards. Customer reviews

Drivers note that the oils are of high quality. The oil practically does not burn. It does not need to constantly refill. Multigrade oils keep the system clean for a long time. They improve the performance of the motor. He begins to work quieter, more stable.

The product is practically not found negative reviews. The rare negative comments related to incorrect choice of oil. Almost always the customers are happy with the quality of the Finnish lubricants.

Having considered the features of Neste oil, it can be noted their high quality and reasonable cost.

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