Discovered computer virus that cannot be destroyed

Опубликованно 16.04.2018 09:15

Discovered computer virus that cannot be destroyed

The Slingshot virus that can infect routers, personal computers with multi-level attacks detected by Kaspersky Lab experts. New malware aimed at routers. This is stated in the company blog.

The result is dangerous for the system information spreads quickly. All compounded by the fact that the virus is distributed to several devices.

The virus was very "tenacious" and replaces the specially created library copy, swivel components, and then starts the process of attack on computers.

The program not only is able to steal any information stored in digital form, including network traffic, screenshots and passwords. It also carefully monitors your own safety and trouble-free operation: for example, to distract himself from any suspicion, the virus alone initiates a security check of your computer.

Due to the presence of complex functions, the researchers suggested that Slingshot created by the state Agency. In the code of the virus found clues that point to the British, but reliable information is not.

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