Mercedes-Benz will begin testing of unmanned taxi

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Mercedes-Benz will begin testing of unmanned taxi

Mercedes and Bosch have been working on creating driverless cars.

Car manufacturer Mercedes will begin testing driverless taxi this year. What is known

Mercedes-Benz in tandem with the Bosch manufacturer has long been working on creating driverless cars. The head of Bosch Volkmar Denner said that the company is preparing for the first testing of such machines. The prototype will go on the road after a few months. Denner is not generous on details, but promised that the production of driverless cars will start in the next decade.

The head of the company said that it will not be a standard model of the Mercedes with the sensors. The manufacturer originally worked on the concept of the Autonomous self-driving cars. So, the engineers were able to achieve better ergonomics and productivity. Technology race

Mercedes and Bosch have to hurry, as this concept is considered and other concerns. For example, BMW is preparing the release of self-driving cars for 2021, and Waymo already ordered a thousand cars from Chrysler.

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