Why do you have to have a mandatory test prior to the flight of your drone

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Why do you have to have a mandatory test prior to the flight of your drone

The binding test, created by DJI, in conjunction with Australia\'s Civil aviation and Safety Authority, they appear to be used automatically in the app, in order to fly its drones, and follows a risky year for the Australian drone users in the 32 were issued, fines, and "the hundreds" written safety instructions for flying the devices in a dangerous manner.

DJI Asia-Pacific public policy head Adam Welsh said the company launched the drone flight-testing, to ensure that the new users knew how to fly legal drones in Australia and the technology does not give it a bad reputation.

DJI Mavic air drone users against a nine-question quiz about drone laws before you Start your devices.

"The majority of our users are flying in a safe and responsible manner, but this is just to make sure that everyone understands the rules," he said.

"Not everyone may have looked at the CASA-rules."

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The pilots will be required to answer correctly to all the nine questions of the DJI or to to 4 app prior to the Start of their drone, and the quiz are also provided to foreign flyers, the DJI drones during the visit in Australia.

"If you come to see the Commonwealth games, said, for example, when it detects activate the app, you\'re in Australia, and calls on you, take the quiz," Mr Welsh. "Everyone should know the rules."

Australia is the third country to get, the DJI-pre-flight quiz, after the Chinese company launched similar tests in the United States in October and in the United Kingdom last December.

The inhabitants of Sydney, in Manly, New South Wales, photographed from a drone. CASA a record number of fines for dangerous drone-use in the last year. Picture: Toby Zerna

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said the authority welcomed the rules, the reminder, especially as the number of drones to be flown in Australia soared in the past year.

"It should be reinforced for all owners of a drone that, there are tasks that come with the and it is the understanding of the laws about flying drones," he said.

"Most people who fly drones to do so as a party drug and you are not required to have a pilots license, and there is no registration system."

Mr Gibson said CASA issued a record 32 penalties for dangerous drone use in Australia in the last year, and sent "hundreds" of warnings to users, appear to be in breach against the rules.

Incidents included a drone flew dangerously close to the children to an Easter egg hunt in Canberra, a drone flying in restricted airspace in Sydney Harbour, and the other hovered over the wedding of TV presenters Sylvia Jeffreys and Peter Stefanovic.

Australian drone laws dictate that drones must not be flown within 30 metres of other people, may only be flown during the day, can not fly higher than 120m, and can not fly within 5.5 km of an airport.

Mr Gibson said it was not clear whether the increase in the number of fines issued for dangerous drone was used due to risky behavior, or simply a greater number of drones in Australia, but higher education was required.

Australian drone users, whether it is legal to fly a drone in the area by the CASA \' s I Can can check fly, There is an app or review drone flyers.com.au.

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