Replacement seal gearbox rear axle VAZ 2107 with his own hands

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Replacement seal gearbox rear axle VAZ 2107 with his own hands

"Lada seven" – the last rear-drive model VAZ. The hallmark of any classic Vase model is the presence of a reducer. To it fit the propeller shaft, transmitting the torque load. Further, this point is on the axis and, consequently, of the wheel. The scheme is quite simple, and, at first glance, there is nothing to break. But leaking rear gear is one of the most popular problems that arise from owners of rear-wheel "Classics". So, let\'s look at how you replace the oil seal rear axle gearbox on the VAZ-2107 and why need this item? Feature

What is it? Oil seal reducer is a sealing element, which plays the role of the gasket. It prevents the release of oil from the gearbox out. The seal also inhibits the penetration of dirt and other deposits in the bridge from the outside. Is the element between the shaft drive and gearbox flange. It connects to the last by four bolts. Signs replacement

When you need to replace the oil seal on the VAZ-2107? A specific resource and of the rules had not. But there is a clear sign that will indicate the replacement of the oil seal gearbox rear axle VAZ-2107. It is traces of oil drips in the area of the gearbox flange. First, they will be minor. But, as the operation through this gap can leak all the oil out of the bridge. If time does not take measures, will increase the wear of the gears and differential. As a result, the bridge will be buzzing, especially at speed.

Please note! If the lower part of the bridge is just fogging, the problem is likely not in gland. These symptoms occur when excess oil pressure in the breather tube, causing the liquid begins to go out. Preparing to replace

If all the symptoms were confirmed, you should immediately replace the worn seal. So we save the life of the gearbox. But first we need to drain the oil from the bridge.

To do this, using the hexagon Unscrew a drain plug and substitute the bowl with a capacity of less than two litres. It is advisable to drain the oil "hot", especially if the outside temperature is below zero. But warming the engine is not necessary. To the oil in the axle warmed up, you need to drive the vehicle for at least 3-5 kilometers. It is quite viscous and in the cold hard merges. Removing all the fluid from the gearbox, you can proceed to replace. Start to work

How is the car VAZ-2107 replacement seal in the gearbox with your hands? First we need to install a powerful flat-bladed screwdriver between the spider and at the same time to Unscrew the bolts of the propeller shaft that goes to the flange. Further attach the gimbal to the side. If the shaft moves, it is possible to set the car into first gear. This will facilitate the process of dismantling. But occasionally I have to spin the shaft because the bolts are evenly around the perimeter.

This replacement seal rear axle gearbox on the VAZ-2107 is not yet complete. In the next step, Unscrew the nut located on the flange. This is done using a swivel head ratchet. Flange need to stall so that it cannot rotate in the process of dismantling. This can be done with a section of pipe with installed in it two bolts. Then extracted to the outside flange. This is done with a special puller. Failing that, you can apply the hammer. Gently tap flange using a soft spacer (e.g., a plate) and remove the element with the gear. Next, take a wrench and gently to hook the old seal. As next is the replacement seal rear axle gearbox on the VAZ-2107?

Do not rush to install the new element. So after replacing it last a long time, it is important to exclude the presence of dirt and dust in the hole (it will work as an abrasive). To do this, take a clean rag and wipe the place install seal dry. Installation

As next is the replacement seal rear axle gearbox on the VAZ-2107? The next stage processed the installation location Lithol-24. Next install new oil seal VAZ-2107. It mounts using a special mandrel. It should match the diameter of the installed item. As mandrel use any element of circular shape. Ideally suited to a faulty bearing or a section of pipe of the appropriate diameter.

It is important to uniformly press the item. To do this, gently tap on the edge of the seal with a hammer. Press-fitted until it will enter a depth of two millimeters relative to the end face of the gearbox. This distance can be measured in the usual ruler or caliper. After pressing it is important to handle the lubricated element, but on the reverse side.

This is followed back to tighten the Central nut of fastening of a flange of the gearbox. After that, the flange is applied to the crankshaft. The nuts are clamped with the same force. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise you can strip the threads. The recommended tightening torque of bolts of the propeller shaft 70 to 80 Nm. While the Central nut is tightened to 30 Nm. The final stage

But that\'s not all. After work, you need to pour the oil in the gearbox. If the old got the black color, reuse it may not be. Better to pour new oil in the gearbox. What is the volume of lubricant in the rear axle "Classic"? For all automobiles, starting from the first to the seventh model, this parameter is the same and is 1.3 litre. Is filled with oil through the hole at the top of the gearbox. Unscrew it using open-end wrench. What kind of oil to use? Judging by the reviews, the best choice - GL5 80w90 viscosity.

Brand can be anyone important to match the viscosity and the grade of the product. With such characteristics, the oil will not freeze in the winter and will work well in the summer. How to understand that the fluid level is maximum? The dipstick or other measuring element in the gearbox Lada no. Therefore it is necessary to fill up until through the filler hole does not pour new oil. After that, we twist the lid and go for a test drive. No traces of oil in the same place should not be.

So, we figured out how to replace the oil seal gearbox rear axle VAZ-2107. As you can see, the operation is not complicated, and it can be easily done by hand.

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