Found a way to restore teeth without fillings

Опубликованно 14.05.2018 05:42

Found a way to restore teeth without fillings

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a formulation that restores the damaged tooth enamel.

To restore the enamel of the teeth promise many manufacturers of toothpastes, but this promise malomernim. Enamel is produced ameloblastami — cells, which samolikvidirovalsja before the brand new tooth will appear from the gums. The new enamel to take, but it constantly gets lost — erased on food and other teeth, corroded by bacterial products.

During the life of the enamel "repair" enzymes of the saliva mineral components of tooth-pastes and salt, dissolved in drinking water, but they are not enough in order to repair damaged enamel. Even if the fracture has not penetrated beyond the enamel, into the dentin and pulp, it is necessary to repair artificial materials, like a little natural coating of the tooth.

Peptide compound developed by scientists from the University of Washington, regenerates enamel; perhaps in the future it will replace the seals. In the laboratory the mixture was allowed to restore rather thick layer of mineral coating, similar in structure to real tooth enamel. Processing the damaged area of enamel fluoride composition from those used in toothpastes, gave a much thinner layer of enamel restored.

Scientists have yet to check how their development works in the mouth of a living person. If the drug will be as effective as in the laboratory, scientists hope to create products to strengthen enamel under the daily care of the oral cavity — toothpaste, chewing gum or medicinal gels.

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