U.S. army gets even more deadly with futuristic new glasses

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U.S. army gets even more deadly with futuristic new glasses

Imagine that US soldiers could shoot with precision from behind the safety of cover without exposure to enemy bullets? What if soldiers could literally shoot from the hip, on the fly, with absolute precision?

American soldiers will do to be able to all of this — and more — thanks to a new technology.

Going forward, in the battle space, in the ways of the enemy forces are not enemies of the United States will see nearly $AU132 million-worth of futuristic devices, which will allow US soldiers.

In a way, that American soldiers will be able to see what your gun"". It is noteworthy that U.S. soldiers show their weapons around corners and accurately hit threats — all the while remaining hidden and protected behind the cover.

Without the gun to eye level, this is the new technology that soldiers can be triggered by a weapon. "The shoot from the hip" has officially entered a new era.

The U.S. army and BAE Systems worked closely together to arm soldiers with the groundbreaking technology. Called the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and family-sights-Individual (EEC III/FWS-I) program, the technology soldiers will provide you with many significant advantages.

This can not only amazing tech, the soldiers take the guns on a different level, it has the potential for a wide range of hard-hitting and powerful weapons in the U.S. arsenal.

M4 rifle equipped with one of the FWS-I fired view while wearing the helmet, equipped with a EEC III night vision Goggles in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The FWS-I wirelessly transmits its visual image, the EEC III, so that a shooter is what the view looks without the shoulder the gun.


In the war, darkness is a valuable advantage.

Tech like night vision goggles allow warfighters to see dangers that are not seen clearly or often not at all perceived with the naked eye. A way to deliver devices, which is visibility at night, by the available ambient light, and the moon, for example, and use it for the lighting.

Soldiers must be able to quickly to threats, distinguish to shoot friend and foe exactly to stop threats. This is difficult enough in daylight and is even more difficult in the conditions that the visibility is limited, such as darkness, smoke, or vegetation.


To see to improve the ability on the field of battle, soldiers often mounted in two different devices, night — vision goggles and the thermal device on the weapon to the target. The exchange between the two can be identified as an impact on how fast the soldier and stop a threat.

But the new, futuristic tech that eliminates the need to switch between night-vision goggles and weapon-mounted thermal sights.

In scenarios, where every fraction of a second can be life or death consequences, even seconds, to shave, to acquire to switch targets is essential.

The EEC combines the two primary components in a system: it is mounted on the weapon and worn out than the monocular. For example, a thermal sight is mounted, the M4 service rifle. The new night vision is mounted on a soldiers helmet. This thermal sight is wirelessly with this device.

With just a push of a button, the data will be sent from the sight to the glasses.

To see by the soldier "" what the gun "sees," this cutting-edge tech, you eliminate the need for a weapons sight.

The new system is in use. Photo: BAE systems

EEC III/FW-I utilizes advanced innovations such as the 12-micron thermal tech, give the soldiers the advantage of ultra-revealing the sharp image quality of enemy threats, which are otherwise hidden by the darkness of the night.

The tech can also mean that you don \' T have to \'painting\' targets with lasers. This means that the enemy will not know that you have been seen until it is too late.


Dominant in the night is the key, but not the only advantage of the tech. This is a night vision device that can also has advantages during the day.

Equipped with this futuristic tech, U.S. soldiers will be able to see threats more clearly and in greater distance than before.

EEC also provides an edge in other difficult conditions such as smoke, explosion, fog or thick dust, kicked up by the helicopter.

In the site-specific challenges, such as dense foliage, this technology, games can also be a decisive advantage, by forcing US to see through, "" if others can.

With these new goggles, a soldier was able to safely and accurately shoot from around a building corner. Soldiers could have even a barrier of fire above their heads, with accuracy, and safely hidden behind a huge concrete.

This is because a soldier can see, where is directed the weapon without looking down the barrel, as this tech-to the left, the sight of the soldier for the "eyes".

Combat in urban terrain, such as densely populated cities, it is very likely, you should break out a war. For these scenarios, this futuristic technology, which allows soldiers to shoot around corners, while you are safely behind cover means that the potential to reduce risks to American soldiers and to save a vast number of lives.


This spring, the U.S. army contracts for $AU128 million-worth of these exciting night vision goggles and the thermal image to the target device. The investment is important, to ensure, to dominate the army to continue the night in the fight room.

For a long time, the U.S. military has not enjoyed a huge advantage of the technically advanced and unrivalled that the American armed force, if the enemy forces could.

Countries such as China and Russia began the Erosion of the U.S. military rule of the night, with the development of their own tech. EEC III/FWS-I is a very important step to dominate the position of the US boots on the ground continue to have the best equipment.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission.

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