Spy-camera-shots show write the driver, SMS, read, take drugs

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Spy-camera-shots show write the driver, SMS, read, take drugs

The company carrying out the tests, A task that captured in its cameras a-man-inhalation of nitrous oxide ("Nang", or whipped cream canister) while driving on a highway at 100km/h.

Another photograph with both hands on the texts, reading a book, women in your rear vision mirror, make-up and the other could be seen, documents, and Newspapers, Fairfax News reported.

Monitoring of the drivers in the main cities showed that the "endemic" use of mobile phones.

Among the drivers, five to seven percent of SMS while driving at high speed.

This man is driving with one hand and enjoy a meal with the other when driving on a road at high speed.

A task, says the driver with a mobile like this (above) are endemic to the streets of the Australian cities. Image: A Task.

Not new, but this driver does not support concerns not has read a book, he can, of course, to the bottom. Picture: A Current Affair.

Almost the same percentage of P-platers in a similar way offended.

A task of the Director Alex McCredie told the Sydney Morning Herald that behavior distract you from the task, the journey was varied.

But the use of mobile phones blacked out while behind the wheel everyone else, deviant behaviour, and seemed like an "obsession today," McCredie Mr said.

“They are not found out of the new and of the society, such as the interaction with mobile phones and what place it should have in our lives.

A task is between several companies keen to win the tender, the NSW government is to be recognized with a camera-monitoring system and to break fine driver, SMS, or otherwise to the law.

Mobile phone in hand, that driver is distracted by what is going on on his screen while driving on the road.

It\'s the time for me behind the wheel for this woman applying make-up while driving in traffic. Picture: A Current Affair.

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