The engine ZMZ-511 for vehicles medium-duty

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The engine ZMZ-511 for vehicles medium-duty

The engine ZMZ-511 is petrol eight-cylinder V-shaped power unit, which is simple, reliable designs and quality technical parameters of the previously widely established in a variety of domestic cars and medium duty trucks. The development of the engine plant

The plant in the village of Gorky the Volga region began to build as a company for the production of bicycles. Already during the construction of the new decision ordered the plant to produce spare parts for the automobile plant "GAZ" and only the third has the government identified the purpose of the plant, as manufacturer of automotive powertrain and in 1958 the enterprise got the name "Zavolzhsky motor factory" (ZMZ).

"ZMZ" was built as a full-cycle plant for the production of automotive engines. First motors, the company released in the fall of 1959 for passenger cars GAZ-21 "Volga". In the future, with the development of the enterprise has mastered the production of engines for lorries "GAS" and buses "the GROOVE", while constantly expanding the range and quantity of produced motors. In the 1990s, the company released the first domestic high-speed diesel engine ZMZ-514.

Further development of the enterprise associated with entering into group "Sollers". At present ZMZ manufactures engines for a variety of automotive transportation (more than 20 modifications), spare parts. The plant\'s products are certified in accordance with regulations in force.

Production and application engine

The first petrol engine model ZMZ-511, the plant produced in 1959. The new engine was to replace the outdated engine GAZ-51 and at the initial stage of production it was intended for the acquisition of medium-duty trucks GAZ-53, which was produced from 1961 to 1993.

ZMZ-511 due to the simple design and high quality technical parameters turned out to be a very good engine and well established in the prescribed vehicle. Therefore, the company has prepared several modifications of the motor to equip other vehicles, namely: truck terrain GAZ-66; small buses "the GROOVE"; trucks "SAZ"; of medium-class buses "KAVZ"; truck GAZ-3307, which replaced the model GAZ-53.

Currently, the plant produces an upgraded version of the engine under the index ZMZ-511.10.

Technical parameters

Widespread use contribute to the technical parameters of the power unit. Have produced modifications to the engine ZMZ-511 specifications are as follows: type – four-stroke, gasoline, carburetor; option for the location of cylinders – V-shaped with an angle of 90 degrees; method of cooling – liquid; number of cylinders – 8; volume - 4.25 l; power – 125,0 HP; the amount of compression and 7.60; height – 1.10 m high. length – 1.00 m; a width of 0.80 m; mass of 0.262 t; specific fuel consumption - 286 g/kWh; oil consumption is 0,4 % (of fuel consumption); resource – 300 thousand km.

These technical parameters motor allow operation of vehicles medium-duty trucks. The features of the engine

When upgrading the engine ZMZ-511 applied the following design solutions: set high turbulent combustion chamber; used for cylinder head screw intake channels; reinforced mounting brackets front support; essipova method of fastening the bearing caps: in the manufacture of top compression rings applied high-strength cast iron; mounted system for exhaust gas recirculation; changed phase and location of Cams on the camshaft.

These decisions made it possible not only to preserve but also to reinforce the main advantages of ZMZ-511, which are: reliability; the simplicity of the design; maintainability.

Despite this, the engine is currently not installed on mass-produced cars, he is still in demand for replacement fulfilled the normative service period of power units on previously manufactured vehicles.

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