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Winter tires with

In Russia winter in most regions, the coldest. Because of this, the condition of roads in this period is much worse. In order to safely and comfortably travel by car, you need to choose quality tires. When choosing often pay attention to the cost of tires. Products from Russian manufacturers is much cheaper than foreign. So many motorists think that the tires of the Russian production low in quality than much mistaken.

Tyres "Tung", produced in Russia, many remain a mystery. What do they represent? How to behave on the road? What are the reviews on winter tires "Tung" leave motorists? These and many other questions will be discussed below.

About the company

Tires branded "Tung," produced at the enterprises of "SIBUR". She also belongs to this brand. This product is produced exclusively for the domestic market of Russia. All tires "Tung" was developed and manufactured specifically for the harsh Russian conditions in the winter.

Almost the entire range consists of tires for winter. Summer options only 2, and all-season and did one. According to the company, which owns the brand, the tires are manufactured in accordance with many international standards. They also meet the requirements of motorists. Talking about this and reviews on winter tires "Tung". Production technology

As previously stated, the tires under this brand are designed specifically for harsh winter conditions. For this purpose first of all it was necessary to alter the composition of the rubber. Due to this, the tires begin to harden in the frost, while retaining their properties. Even at very low temperatures the tires have excellent grip, handling and provide a safe and comfortable driving.

Additional rigidity of the protector provides cushion. The tread pattern is developed with the help of computer modeling software. Due to this it improves all possible properties and looks more aesthetically pleasing. At this point reviews on winter tires "Tung".

Tunga Extreme Contact

These tyres are most in demand among all the model range of the company. They are designed for drivers who prefer calm driving style and truly appreciate the safety with comfort while driving, regardless of weather conditions. Tread pattern designed, from-for what coupling and passable quality has improved significantly. It is also located the spikes, which improves permeability. The tires feel great when driving on any terrain, including ice and snow.

The rubber composition for the tread rubber part, which is delivered from Malaysia. And cushion the model consists of 3 parts, so when cornering and maneuvering the tires do not deform, causing the risk of skidding is minimal. Increased and tire life. Tires are protected from external mechanical influences. What are the reviews on winter studded tires "Tung" leave motorists? More on that below.

Reviews of Extreme Contact

Leaving positive feedback on winter tires "Tunga Extreme contact", the drivers most often talking about the low cost of the tires, despite their high performance. The set of wheels 13 radius will cost just 6 thousand rubles, which is more than acceptable. 15 radius will cost more – about 11 thousand rubles, but it affects the size. In your price range the tires are practically no competitors.

Despite the spikes, the tires while driving almost do not create additional noise. It also depends on the rubber as it begins to harden in the frost. Grip stored the tires in even the harshest conditions regardless of road surface. At this point reviews on winter tires "Tunga Extreme Contact".

Tires are a great option for vehicle operation in urban conditions, because then they show themselves from the best side. But on the track things are a little worse. At speeds above 100 km/h the tyres lose control and other important properties, because of this, the car slides into a skid. However, in winter on any rubber, it is dangerous to move with such speed.

Tunga C-140

This model is also designed for harsh winter conditions. Tires resistant to aquaplaning, so the move on wet surfaces without fear. Also the grip is improved due to the tread pattern. It is located the longitudinal and transverse grooves. The last of them extend from the center to the sidewall. On the tread blocks are sipes, which grip is maintained under all conditions.

Compared to the previous model, these tires create a bit more noise while driving but it\'s acceptable. This happens due to the modified tread pattern. The rubber composition also eliminates the solidification with strong frosts. The tires always remain soft and supple. At this point reviews on winter tires "Kordiant Tunga With-140".

The tread pattern has 4 longitudinal grooves. They are connected by transverse grooves forming channels for the withdrawal of moisture. This is the drainage system. While driving on wet or snow-covered stretch of road through the groove passes all the fall moisture and snow, and then they are eliminated from the surface of the tire. Therefore, any deterioration of it will not be noticeable. In the center there is a longitudinal rib. All along it varies in width. This significantly improves traction and directional stability.

Reviews about tires "Tunga With-140"

Online reviews on winter tires "Tunga With-140" can be found in large numbers. If we evaluate possible properties, then this model is the best among all the others offered. With a small snow drifts the tires do fine. Also excellent grip is maintained when driving on icy surface. The noise level is not the best but acceptable. Many are willing to accept it, because in return, it offers many of the required properties. Tires provide comfortable and safe driving in all weather conditions. Tires will not freeze even at very low temperatures.

Find positive reviews about winter tires "Tung" at the moment not a problem. That\'s saying a lot. Tires behave well not only when driving in a straight line, but on twisty roads, and when making sharp maneuvers.

Motorists also often noted that the cost of the tires is very low. On average, one copy costs about 1,700 rubles. Of course, this is a great indicator. After all, for the price, not every manufacturer is ready to offer quality tires that will meet the requirements of all drivers.

Also, leaving feedback on winter tires "Tunga With-140", motorists note that the spikes fit well in their places. After a long period of time many lost only about 20% of spines, which is pretty good. However, in order to be so, you need to run the wheels.

"Master Of Tung"

This model is designed for those who love to drive carefully and calmly. The properties of the tire are retained only until such time as the car will not accelerate above 100 km/h. After that, the drivability deteriorates, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

The model has a directional tread pattern in the form of arrows. The drainage system consists of many wide grooves. It provides excellent grip when driving on snow or wet coating. Tires are manufactured with the use of additional brokerage layer, so they are protected from mechanical damage pretty reliably.

Some motorists, when you leave reviews on winter tires "Master of Tung", note that the main drawback – it\'s a fast imbalance. Also, the model average quality of the mounting studs. However, for the cost of tires to pick those moments to some degree silly.


The brand of "Tung" was founded recently. During this period, he has already managed to gain popularity and satisfied customers. The company offers almost the lowest prices. However, for the cost of tires are simply stunning properties. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews on winter tires "Tung".

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