Racer Enduro 150: specifications and reviews

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Racer Enduro 150: specifications and reviews

Motorcycles Enduro is a universal "monsters" to not only riding on dirt roads and sand, but also on the pavement. They have two pairs of turn signals, headlights front and rear view, and also provided the framework for road signs. Due to the low weight and small size Racer Enduro 150 is more suitable for people of low growth. Ease of operation and maximum sensitivity of the steering wheel has helped the bike to achieve fame not only in Russia but also abroad. In order to better meet motorcycle Racer Enduro 150, worth to learn more not only about its specifications and design, but also to listen to user feedback.

Brief description

The bike has a good reliable motor and comfortable soft landing. Saddle considerable size has a greater rigidity. Additionally, there is a roomy trunk that can easily put a small bag and a helmet.

Enduro Racer 150 is one of the younger brothers of the family Enduro. The engine is designed specifically for public use. That is, on a bike like this can go not only professional motor-fans, but also newcomers. The main advantage of off-road motorcycle is its solid a-line. Thanks to a deep tread and a five-speed manual gearbox the bike feels on different road segments. Enduro Racer 150 technical specifications

Easy to operate four-stroke engine 148 blocks has a capacity of 11.1 l/C. Due to this engine the motorcycle can gain more speed 92 km/h and to develop about 7000 rpm. Has a Japanese carburetor and a manual transmission of five speeds. To have the motorcycle can be with foot or electric starter. The fuel tank for the Enduro Racer 150 has a capacity of five liters, the vehicle can travel long distances with a minimum flow at 2.2 l cooling System air.

Instrument panel of motorcycle — Electromechanical. It displays a table of the rpm, speedometer, current gear and the volume of the tank. This panel is very comfortable for long haul flights. The weight of the motorcycle is more than 90 kilograms and can be loaded to 140 kg and above. Battery 12 volt. Front suspension — telescopic, rear shock — hydraulic. Tires for this bike bought in Taiwan.

Design and benefits

Have Enduro Racer 150 has a lot of merit. They help the bike to easily pass any section of the road and provide its pilot with a comfortable ride: powerful two-liter engine; a modern and attractive appearance; built-in footrests for a more comfortable ride to passengers; available parts for repair; relatively low price in the world market; easy daily maintenance.

Already from afar you can see that the bike has good handling. All this thanks to the low steering wheel which increases maneuverability and reduces overall dimensions. Manufacturer Racer each time improving its models. The changes affect not only the technical parameters, but also the whole design in General.

Enduro Racer 150 is reminiscent of Japanese aggressive style. The presentable main colors are brown, orange or bright green. Motorcycle Racer series is perfect for young riders. It promotes the development of skills roadless drive and helps to adapt more quickly with easy Assembly by the more powerful. Reviews

About Enduro Racer 150 speak many experienced racers. According to them, it is most suitable for classic pitbike. Long-term operation and careful analysis, you can be sure that the bike was designed great. Many racers thank the creators for its purpose.

This motorcycle is built for off-road riding. The pilot, whose low growth, will receive the maximum pleasure from the trip on it. Unfortunately, the native asphalt rubber is deteriorating rapidly. For this it is best to buy special. tires for such roads. On the General forums you can find a lot of positive feedback about the Racer Enduro 150. In conclusion

Summarizing, we can say that motorcycle Enduro Racer 150 is a great instance of non-road engines. At the wheel will be equally comfortable as people of large stature, with robust growth and low. Its characteristics are outstanding among vehicles of a similar nature. And good customer reviews only confirm these words.

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