Pneumatic tyres: types, design, application

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Pneumatic tyres: types, design, application

One of the main components of any car wheels are pneumatic tyres. They are mounted on wheel and provide a good contact with the road. When the car moves, the tire absorbs vibrations and oscillations from the passage of the irregularities of the road. Thus, the tire provides comfort and security. Produces different types of tires. They differ in the materials, chemical composition, physical properties. The tires have a different tread pattern that provides maximum grip on various surfaces. The objectives of the tires

A pneumatic tyre performs the following functions. They dampen vibrations from road irregularities, ensure constant tire contact with the road. Due to the tyre reduces fuel consumption and noise level when driving. Rubber ensures maneuverability in difficult conditions. Device

Design of pneumatic tires is quite complicated. The lid consists of several elements.

This cord protector, breaker, shoulder, bead and sidewall. Let\'s review each element in detail. Cord

This element is a load-bearing structure. It consists of several layers. Cord is a layer of tissue made of textile materials or metal wire. This layer covered with rubber. Cord is stretched over the entire area of the tire or radially. Manufacturers make radial as well as diagonal models of tires.

The most widely widely used is the radial model. It has the long term use. A radial tyre has a more elastic cord. This significantly reduces heat generation and rolling resistance.

Diagonal pneumatic tires have a frame made of several layers of rubberized fabric cord. These layers are cross. These solutions have a low price, and the sidewalls are more durable. Protector

Those called the outer part of the tire that is in direct contact with the road. Its main function is to ensure the reliable adhesion of wheels of a vehicle off the road, as well as protecting the wheel from damage. From the figure depends on the noise and vibration when driving. In addition, the protector allows to determine the degree of wear of the tire.

Structurally, this is a fairly massive rubber layer with a relief pattern. The latter is a furrows, grooves, protrusions. Tread pattern is caused by the ability of the tyres in different conditions. There are models purely for asphalt or dirt. There are versatile tires. Tread patterns

He\'s on rubber pneumatic tire is formed by the arrangement of elements (draughts) relative to each other, and the direction of rotation. On different tires can be undirected, directed or asymmetric pattern. Each option has an impact on the characteristics of the tire.

Wheel with non-directional pattern can be set arbitrarily. Tyre with directional protector is installed on the arrow on the sidewall. It shows the direction of rotation. Asymmetrical tires are installed on the decals on the side.

The most universal is non-directional pattern. Part of the tyres, which is presented on the market, available with him. It allows you to set the tire to the wheel in any direction. However, significantly inferior to other types of drawing ability of water drainage from the contact point with the road.

Directed drawing different elements, which are chopped in a herringbone pattern. It requires a certain direction. This method of drawing figure makes it possible to more effectively remove water, dirt. Also, this pattern significantly reduces the noise level compared to non-directional. The sidewall must indicate the direction in which it has to rotate the wheel. Minus is that the spare wheel equipped with such a tire can only be installed on one side of the car.

The asymmetric pattern is one of the variants of implementation of the different properties in a single tire. Thus, the outer side of the tread may have a pattern providing maximum adhesion on dry pavement, and on the other side is wet. For such a pattern is characterised by a different position of the checkers and grooves as one, and the other part from the middle of the tire. These tires are often non-directional. They are directed only in rare cases. In this situation, you need different tires for the left and right side. The side parts are bound to have symbols indicating which side should be external and which internal. Spare tire with such a tread can be installed on any of the sides. Brecker

It represents the layers of cords located between the tread and carcass. The element needed to ensure the best connection between the tread and the cord. Brecker also prevents delamination of the tread due to the influence of various external forces. The shoulder area

It\'s part of the tread pneumatic tyres, which is between a treadmill and a sidewall. This part serves to enhance lateral stiffness. In addition, the design element improves the synthesis of the tire carcass with the tread in the shoulder area takes the loads that are transmitted to a treadmill. Sidewall

This rubber layer, which is a continuation of tyre tread on the side of the frame.

This component is designed to protect the frame from moisture and mechanical damage. Also on the sidewall marking. Board

That\'s the end of the sidewall. The Board is used for mounting and sealing on the wheel. At the core of the sides pneumatic tyres of the car is inextensible steel wire covered with rubber. It attaches to the lid Board and the necessary strength and rigidity. Tyre

Pneumatic vehicle tire is classified according to different parameters. This seasonality, method of sealing, purpose, tread pattern. Consider each classification separately. Seasonality

Season tires are classified as follows – allocate summer, winter and all season tires. The purpose of the bus to one of the seasons are distinguished by the tread pattern.

On summer tires no microeconom. But there is a pronounced furrow. They are designed to ensure that in wet weather on them was dripping water. This gives you the opportunity to obtain maximum grip. Winter tires have a narrow groove on the tread. Due to these grooves, the tire does not lose elasticity and keeps traction even on ice.

Isolated and all-season tires. About the advantages and disadvantages has already been said quite a lot. These tires normally can withstand summer heat and winter cold. But the operational characteristics of all-season pneumatic tire is very mediocre. The method of sealing

In this parameter it is possible to allocate the bus with a camera and tubeless models. The last tire is not the usual camera. And integrity is achieved by design features such tires. In the first and in the second case it\'s the tyres with air. Manufacturers

Especially popular among car enthusiasts enjoyed the Italian brand Pirelli. The company presents a lot of options of tires for any cars and motorcycles. All tires are produced according to unique technologies. A good range of Pirelli Scorpion – the company presents in this collection of winter and summer tyres. Tree has lots of titles for all cars. Also produced tires for classic cars.

The range of Pirelli Scorpion is a tyre for exclusive and premium cars. The product was developed taking into account modern vehicles. Also, when designed with maximum security, high level of controllability and stable performance in any weather. Opportunities – bus can perform its function even if it has no air. The collection contains all the modern sizes.

You also cannot ignore the other well-known companies producing tires for cars. Their products are not worse, and it can be purchased at more affordable prices. When choosing tires, it is better to read reviews about the tires – the right tires depends a lot. Well proven "Michelin", "continental" and "Nokian". Among domestic it is worth noting Rosava. According to reviews, these tires are no worse than imported. And cost almost half the price. Conclusion

So we know that is a car tire, how it works and what types exist. This will help when choosing a suitable model. The correct choice depends on the comfort, handling and safety. An important factor when buying – reviews on tyres. They will assess the tire that\'s right, because sometimes marketers on the market fall unpromising tires.

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