Hamilton: "Now Ferrari is the best team"

Опубликованно 02.06.2018 04:45


Lewis Hamilton / Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Four-time world champion of Formula 1 Lewis HamiltonMercedes believes that rivals Ferrari are now faster on all segments due to improved engine and efficient system operation reduce drag (DRS). The words of the British results Racefans.

"They demonstrated that very fast on the straights. In particular, they have a very good and efficient DRS, as far as I know.

I have not looked the data, so I don\'t know exactly where they are faster than us, but obviously this year they took a big step forward. Now Ferrari is the best team.

I can\'t explain. I think they just have more downforce than us".

This week is a race weekend at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. The winner of the qualification in Baku was the Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel.See also:

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