\'Honestly makes me panic"

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\'Honestly makes me panic

If you have rejected the practice and squirm at the thought of having to leave a message after the tone, you\'re not alone.

Millennials might be known as the " generation selfie, obsessed with his smartphone — but you probably don\'t want to be told about it, in a recorded message.

Invented by IBM Stehphen Boies in 1973, voice mail was a definition of technology of their time. It was officially called the Speech Filing System, and allows users to leave recorded messages to be picked up when the recipient marked in.

To understand just how revolutionary voice-mail was, it was not until 2001 that the number of e-mails sent to you exceeded the number of voice messages, according to Alan Marcus, who shared the fun fact in his book Technology in Latin America: A Brief History.

But every dog has his day and it seems that the days of the voice could be counted.

Best-selling author Matt Haig unleashed a wave of calls to ban voice-mail with a viral tweet last month, which sparked heated discussion on the importance of the matter.

"I vote to ban voice messages," was all the tweet said.

I vote to ban voice messages.— Matt Haig (@matthaig1) April 18, 2018

The brevity and the synthesis of the argument clearly struck a chord with a number of social media users, who threw their support behind the tongue-in-cheek idea.

Many describe the feeling of dread that comes over them when they realize that I have a voice message waiting.

"It is, literally, as an order of anxiety. It sounds so irrational, but it honestly makes me panic so much," a Twitter user responded.

"I vote to ban talking on the phone completely. I hate ... and I rarely listen to his voice mail," said another.

Others thought that the function of voice mail had become obsolete with so many other ways of conveying your message.

"When people can already get in touch with me by text, Whatsapp, work email, personal email, DMs on Twitter, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, postal mail and phone, why leave a voice message," a Twitter user wrote.

Another person complained of that annoying moment when you\'re stuck listening to a long message without speaking.

"Voice messages are horrible. 99% of them is their dad pocket dialing from the shops," they said.

One commentator said that "he had already forbidden" voicemail, changing your outgoing message to tell people that he is not going to listen to the voice mail if they leave one.

Despite the fact that the number of people on the anxiety of the induction of the voice quality, some still defended the system messages.

"Do not agree. Prefer a voice message to a text. Wonder what people have done in the past to make them anxious when they receive a notification of voice mail," a man replied.

As for the Lord Haig who started the whole matter, expressed his bewilderment at the level of debate that was sparked by its line of reflections (your tweet even in the breakfast TELEVISION show Good Morning America).

"If my legacy is the final voice mail, I will die satisfied," he joked.

Therefore, it is finally time to give the voice mail the film?

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