Vettel: "10 laps to go, I do not control, cheating team"

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Sebastian Vettel /

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettelcommented on the victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix, admitting that it is a very frightening pace of the Mercedes at the end of the race. The words of the German results Sky Sports.

"10 laps to go I said on the radio that everything was under control. But it was a lie. I\'m not controlled! When I was told what the pace of Valtteri, I didn\'t think that I can do. I thought I was in the car and thought he could catch me. Tried to keep temp as possible. I just tried to follow the tire as possible. It worked, but, fortunately, in fact Valtteri also ended tire life".

However, the German managed to win the second Grand Prix in succession, after Australia.

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