Telstra\'s sad excuse for cutting

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Telstra\'s sad excuse for cutting

Millions of Australians were left without access to voice and internet services on their mobile phones after 10 in the morning, and the services were not fully restored until shortly after 3 in the afternoon.

Despite the restoration of services, Telstra was unable to name the specific cause of the failure of yesterday, and today revealed it would conduct more research to find out what triggered the problem of software.

In a statement, the company revealed the software problem "that is triggered by multiple elements through the network to fail", and even backup systems designed to rescue the situation of not work.

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Telstra caused problems throughout Australia. Photo: Supplied

"After the failover, however, a bug caused an outage that impacted on connections 4G," the company revealed.

"There is redundancy built into these systems, but that does not function as intended."

In its place, the defective hardware to re-route the connections of mobile telephony to Telstra\'s 3G network, that he felt overwhelmed, and disconnected from many users.

Telstra said it had "isolated the impact of the network infrastructure" by 11.40 pm, but it took more than two hours after the restoration of the services, and even more for the "government and enterprise customers" to re-connect.

The statement came after consumer advocates called on Telstra to provide refunds to millions of mobile customers as a "goodwill gesture" after the company suffered its third nationwide outage in a month

But Telstra has repeatedly ruled out the mass of compensation for his clients, saying that he would only be willing to "work with them on a case-by-case basis".

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