Apple has ordered developers to adapt apps in the App Store under the "bangs" iPhone X

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Apple has ordered developers to adapt apps in the App Store under the

Now the developers must consider the design of iPhone X Apple new requirement will be effective from April.

From April all new apps available in the App Store will support one of the main features of the iPhone X — cut at the top of the screen. What does it mean

Apple has notified developers of software for iOS that all new applications should be adapted under the brand name "bangs" the latest model iPhone.

Mandatory support Super Retina display in the iPhone X will be from April this year. Since that time, Apple will begin to strictly check all sent to the App Store for compliance with this rule.

In addition, the iPhone maker X requires that applications created using the tool kit iOS SDK 11.

What will they do with existing applications is still unknown. Apple did not specify when the display support with a cutout will be mandatory for them.

Recall that iPhone X was presented last year. Not many liking the signature "bangs" in the App Store there is even a app for a visual fix of the cut. After the release of the new flagship Apple released an Advisory to developers on how should look like the app in the "frameless" screen of the new smartphone.

Despite criticism of the design of the iPhone X, many manufacturers have started to repeat it in their devices, and Google rumored to be preparing an update for Android which will take into account the features of such smartphones.

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