Optus to cut another 400 jobs

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Optus to cut another 400 jobs

The layoffs are expected to come from the management, administration and the fields of the duplication of the whole of society, which was 8526 staff at the end of the last financial year.

A member of the staff of Adelaide, who wished to remain anonymous, said Optus had already started the cup with his team, has called for an urgent meeting today.

“We were told the same team as ours are in Sydney and they were going to be merging everything to be run from there,” he said nouvelles.com.de the au.

“They said eight people (about 20) will remain for a transition period of eight weeks, with the possibility of moving to Sydney, new application for another role internally or take advantage of recruitment consultants offered by the company.”

The staff member said while he could understand the necessity of reducing costs in the competitive sector, it was felt that the company was not doing enough to retain employees.

“There is a long the heart of Adelaide staff who have been with Optus for 10 years. Why not mentor and train them to new positions?” he said.

Optus is also the closure of its Virgin Mobile stores.

Optus the decision follows the company\'s decision last week to cut 200 jobs and close to 36 stores nationwide as it pulls the plug on its Virgin Mobile brand.

The company blames increased competition in the telecommunications industry for the cuts, and expects the savings to finance future investment.

An Optus spokesperson said the company was looking to become a “new generation” of sfr, with a focus on a “world-class, mobile-led, digital services provider” that offered premium content for customers.

“Optus is the test of the future of our organization and make a step change in the way we work, do business and to fund future investment to continue to thrive in our increasingly competitive and disruptive market, " she told Fairfax Media .

“Some roles will be affected directly or indirectly as a result of these changes, including 400 roles which will be dismissed.

“Our policy is always to speak with the employees who may be affected by these changes, including discussing redeployment opportunities.”

In the framework of its efforts to differentiate itself from its rivals, Optus has delivered exclusive access to the sport to his clients.

Optus Sports exclusive Australian rights to the English Premier League and will broadcast the 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in June, with 39 of these only available for the customers. The company also has connections with the foxtel pay-TV competitor, Look up from the TELEVISION.

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