The Intel found new vulnerabilities

Опубликованно 08.06.2018 10:45

The Intel found new vulnerabilities

Haven\'t had time to die down, the consequences of vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre, as sources report that Intel has discovered eight new vulnerabilities, four of which are critical.

Moreover, the source claims that these four vulnerabilities are much more serious than the Spectre. Until they are assigned a name, a source suggests to call them Spectre NG (NextGen). Four vulnerabilities in this class are distinguished by the fact that they can "go beyond" virtual machines.

Intel is already working on patches. Some of them will appear in may, and August. New vulnerabilities affect the same Intel CPU as the previous options. It is also reported that, perhaps, vulnerabilities exist in some ARM processors, but at the expense of AMD graphics data are not available yet.

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