Elon Musk revealed the new manned spacecraft

Опубликованно 10.06.2018 05:54

Elon Musk revealed the new manned spacecraft

SpaceX founder Elon Musk demonstrated the final design of manned spacecraft Crew Dragon is designed to deliver crews to the International space station (ISS). Photo of the ship SpaceX founder has published in his Twitter account on may 21.

It is planned that after completion of basic tests at the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in August will be sent to the spaceport at Cape Canaveral for further testing.

SpaceX said that in 2024, Crew Dragon will be used for sending expeditions to Mars.

Crew Dragon is being developed in 2013. It is assumed that the ship can carry up to seven crew members or four people and cargo. The SpaceX plan is that Crew Dragon will be able to return to Earth and reused.

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