Vettel: "I do Not regret about the attack on Bottas"

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Sebastian Vettel / Photo: press-service of the Ferrari

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettelsaid he did not regret his decision to attack the Mercedes driver Valteri Bottasin the final laps of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. In the end the German finished fourth. Words 30-year-old rider leads Sky Sports:

"No regrets about the attack. I\'m glad I tried, but not happy that it didn\'t work. But I had to try. I don\'t think I was too optimistic when "jumped" on the inner radius. I was trapped because I couldn\'t see where I am relative to the first turn.

Obviously, I saw the turn, but I had no reference point right: there is a border, there are signs on the wall. And on the left there is scarcely a reference point — only a wall and fence, they are the same to the turn. As soon as I popped on the inner radius, then blocked the wheels. I\'m not too late, otherwise I would not have been able to enter a turn, and I did — but barely. Otherwise it was a strong race, but that happens sometimes".

Won the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, which thanks to this success led the overall standings. Now he has scored 70 points in turn Vettel — 66.

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