Testing the long-winged plane scheduled for summer

Опубликованно 02.07.2018 21:15

Testing the long-winged plane scheduled for summer

The long-winged aircraft in the world, developed by Stratolaunch Systems, can get in the air this summer, reports Space News. The company confirmed this at the 34th Symposium for Space (Space Symposium) in Colorado springs, noting that first it is necessary to conduct three series of test runs.

Recently we wrote that in the course of the next series of runs, the prototype of the Stratolaunch aircraft accelerated to 40 knots (74 km/h); during the following tests on the runway, the company is reportedly planning to overclock the first aircraft to 70 knots (about 130 km/h), and then to almost 120 knots (about 222 km/h).

Giant dvuhfyuzelyazhny plane Stratolaunch has a lot 226,8 tons and a maximum takeoff weight 589,7 tons. It is the most long-winged aircraft in the world — the sweep of his wing is 117,3 m; length of fuselage is 72.5 meters. Stratolaunch is equipped with six engines, which the company has successfully tested in the fall of 2017. It is expected that it will be used as a platform to launch small rockets from the stratosphere to low earth orbit.

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