Verstappen: "I\'m the new project of Marco, with whom he wants to repeat the story of Vettel"

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Max Verstappen / Red Bull

The pilot of Red Bull Max Verstappensaid that the Austrian team consultant Helmut Markosees it as a new Sebastian Vettel. Words the 20-year-old driver leads Auto Bild:

"In fact, I\'m his new project that he wants to repeat the story of Vettel to win the Championships. I\'m proud of it. I hope that together we will achieve that and I will be the last such "project".

I know that Vettel is very cherishes its records. Of course, I\'ll be happy (to become the youngest champion in F1), but records for me not the most important thing in life. If I\'ll just become a world champion, it will be good. For me this is the most important thing."

Recall that in the period from 2010 to 2013 years of Vettel\'s Red Bull won four titles.

The day before Verstappen has shared expectations from the first Grand Prix of the season, which will be held in Australia. See also:

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