Russia asks the US money for the lunar module

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Russia asks the US money for the lunar module

Russian rocket and space Corporation Energia proposed to create an airlock module for the international lunar orbital station LOP — Gateway (Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway) due to the US or the EU, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

"The Federal space program until 2025 funds for the creation airlock module for the international lunar station there, and they are not expected. In this regard, rocket-space Corporation "Energy" on its own initiative in the course of the talks in Houston was asked to make a compartment at the expense of the United States," - said the source.

He noted that the way Russia has offered "to do the same, as his time was made the first module of the International space station "Zarya". "It was built in Russia for the American money, and is it part of the American segment of the ISS, referred to the use of Russia," the source added.

According to him, Roscosmos is also considering the possibility of creating a module in conjunction with the European space Agency, involving cost-sharing in half. Energy are ready to make himself a compartment, and equip it with internal systems to take place in Europe.

Talks on creation of a lunar station started in 2013. In September 2017 the United States and Russia signed the agreement on intentions on creation of LOP — Gateway.

According to modern concepts, in 2022 to the moon is planned to send American motor-power module, in 2023 it should join the American habitation module. In 2024-m at the station should appear in the third module — the Russian airlock. Its launch is planned in conjunction with the American manned Orion spacecraft on creating American super-heavy rocket SLS (Space Launch System), as a spare variant considers the possibility of launch a heavy rocket "Angara-A5".

In mid-April of this year in Houston (USA) hosted a meeting of international technical standards LOP — Gateway. Then it became known that the US and partners (primarily EU, Japan and Canada) insist that Russia when you create a gateway module for the lunar station used by American technical standards. The source said that following the meeting of the Western countries would like to exclude Russia from the project because "is usually behind all the technological cycles of manufacturing space technology".

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