Mozilla introduced the browser to virtual reality

Опубликованно 06.07.2018 11:09

Mozilla introduced the browser to virtual reality

According to the developers, it is cross-platform, is open source and can work with the offline virtual sets and augmented reality, according to the project\'s blog. In addition, there is a video walkthrough of the new browser with the HTC Vive headset Focus.

Judging by technodance published by Mozilla, we can say that Firefox Reality is generally similar to the usual browser, though in virtual space. The video shows how people switch among browser tabs, and scrolls the web page by using a simple VR controller.

Manufacturers of headsets, of course, are also developing browsers for their own platforms. So, Oculus has released a browser for the device Gear VR, Google has an experimental version of Chrome for Daydream, and Microsoft\'s version of the Edge for Windows Mixed Reality.

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