Most affordable security and telematic complex with GSMПресс release

Опубликованно 08.07.2018 14:30

Most affordable security and telematic complex with GSMПресс release

Engineers, STARLINE has introduced a new development – the most affordable security and telematic complex with a GSM control from anywhere in the world – StarLine A63 GSM ECO!

Reliable StarLine A63 GSM ECO has all the advantages of equipment StarLine:? unscannable dialog control code? GSM-control,? high impact LCD the thumb control?128-channel noise-immune transceivers with a range alerts up to 2000 m,? the ability to install 2CAN+2LIN-interface? the possibility of interfacing GPS+GLONASS for smart monitoring? the ability to install the module for remote and automatic engine start.

Intelligent TelematicsThe new product allows you to manage security and service functions with the help of mobile applications StarLine telematics on smartphones iOS, Android or smart watches.

Evacuated the car?Smart StarLine will help you to quickly identify the location of the vehicle\'s base station LBS with an accuracy of 250 meters.

Optionally available:

Smart avtoklimatCar owner available remote and automatic engine starting, and the ability to combine it with pre-heaters Webasto and Ebersp?cher.

Smart Keyless bypass!Keyless built-in immobilizer bypass for tehnologiile StarLine allows you to save on duplication of key and installation key crawler.

iCAN - reliable protection!iCAN will be a real “surprise“ for the hijackers:StarLine A63 GSM ECO reliably block the engine immediately after starting.

Smart monitoringTo locate and track your car easily and conveniently from anywhere in the world with the service or app, for smartphones on iOS and Android platforms.

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