Hackers attacked millions of routers around the world

Опубликованно 09.07.2018 07:21

Hackers attacked millions of routers around the world

Attackers launched a cyber attack on the routers of the company Dasan, in which recently uncovered several critical security vulnerabilities. The activity of the burglars was captured by the security experts of the company Netlab 360.

According to experts, hackers launched a botnet that scans and attempts to use the affected device. A botnet is controlled from a server located in Vietnam. More information about the attack staff Netlab 360 promised to provide in the near future.

At the end of April anonymous, the researchers published an article in which he described the presence of two holes in the security system of Dasan routers equipped with GPON technology. The vulnerability affected more than a million devices of the South Korean company.

According to analysts, flaws allow hackers to bypass the authentication: this means that any attacker will be able to access the internal settings of the router following a few simple steps. The researchers noted that most of the vulnerable devices are located in Mexico, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

6 APR Internet resources around the world turned out to be unavailable due to large-scale hacker attacks on network equipment Cisco. According to research group Talos Intelligence, hackers have discovered a vulnerability in the Smart Install client.

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