The game is infected with a virus that kills smartphones

Опубликованно 10.07.2018 12:27

The game is infected with a virus that kills smartphones

Experts of company Trend Micro discovered a malicious software that can lead to serious malfunctions of smartphones and their final failure.

Disable your unit can be due to continuous mining, which he runs without the knowledge of the owner, said in an official blog post by Trend Micro.

The virus called Hidden Miner was discovered inside applications distributed through third party shops. The malware tricks users by forcing them to give the program access to the administrator account.

Once the app gets login credentials for the account, the virus hides its icon from the menu and then runs the miner Monero, which is constantly running in the background. IN addition, is able to block the device in cases when the owner of the device trying to change permissions of the application.

Experts noted that the code Hide Miner no switches, controllers or optimizers. This means that the mining process won\'t stop until, while device resources are exhausted. In other words, the smartphone will get Monero to the point, yet does not overheat and fail.

According to experts, the only way to destroy a virus is to restart the device in safe mode and delete the administrator account, along with the infected application.

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