At Baikonur eliminate the platform was launched Gagarin

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At Baikonur eliminate the platform was launched Gagarin

Oldest launch site at the Baikonur cosmodrome site No. 1, aka "Gagarin\'s start" - decided to preserve it as unnecessary and expensive upgrades. With this platform, on 12 April 1961, was launched spacecraft "Vostok" with Yuri Gagarin on Board, who became the first man in space. Now, however, the commercial attractiveness of launches from Baikonur falls and the ground becomes a burden.

"Gagarin\'s start" was actively used in the USSR. Now he launch a manned Unions and unmanned Progress cargo to the ISS. However, in order to continue operating the site No. 1, it is necessary to spend modernisation of the rocket Soyuz-2, and this is simply no extra money because it\'s expensive, and not necessary. A similar upgrade was site No. 31, and it is enough, given current volumes of run.

"For the existing volume of work it will be quite a site. So there is no need in the modernization and maintenance of the second complex. Duplication of missile launchers is a Soviet tradition. This ensures the holding of the starts even if one of the units will get damage in the accident", — told the News source familiar with the situation. — "Launch complex pays for itself only if it is made at least six starts per year, for a payback of the ground infrastructure Baikonur require 12 launches Unions and 12 launches of proton-M during the year".

In 2017, Russia has carried out eight launches of Soyuz from Baikonur and four Proton-M In 2018 while flying two Union and one proton-M. the reason for the decreased frequency of starts consists partly in the fact that some of the Unions now take off from the Vostochny space centre and the Protons became commercially unattractive due to a succession of accidents in recent years.

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