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6 Tips to Stop You Choosing the Wrong Online Casino

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The game has become, in a few years, a truly profitable business. This is confirmed by the figures obtained by the sector in 2015, an exercise in which the money spent on casinos and bets, both physical and online, amounted to 35,000 million euros.

Although the face-to-face game continues to hold the weight in the business, the entry into force in 2012 of Law 13/2011, which regulates and legalizes gambling on the Internet, led to the appearance on the scene of numerous operators that have helped Increase the accounts of the sector. Not surprisingly, since then more than 70 have obtained a license and only in 2015 the amounts played amounted to 8,562.8 million euros .

However, the regulatory framework approved by the government has failed to stop the proliferation of numerous fraudulent websites that take advantage of the ignorance of the uninitiated. Given the huge offer available on the web, how to avoid falling into scams? Next, we detail six keys in which you should look to avoid the risk of monetary loss and choose the online casino that best suits your needs:

1. Security

Operator safety is one of the key points when choosing an online casino. Do not get carried away by the juicy welcome bonuses offered by many websites and verify that you have the corresponding license issued by the General Directorate of Game Management of Spain. If he lacks it, he does not have legal permission to operate in Spain. It is also important that the money transactions between your account and the game operator are secure. To do this, you should see that the URL protocol appears with that end, that is, https instead of http.

2. Your reputation

Once confirmed that the operator is safe, look for user opinions on forums and other websites. On the network you can find various analysts who evaluate which online casinos are a scam or a scam or which are reliable. A platform that offers information on web pages where these types of economic transactions occur, while comparing them to each other. If you have doubts about the operator in which you must invest, read their reviews and find out what position they occupy. It is a good way to clarify doubts and discover what to expect with each operator.

3. The diversity of games

Most casinos offer different types of games, although sometimes they can be specialized in one in particular. Ask yourself before you start what you want to play. It is good that a casino offers diversity, but if you are only interested in one particular modality, you should choose an operator that stands out in that section, even if it falls in the rest.

4. How do you want to pay?

Withdrawal and income of money is another crucial point. Find out what payment methods are accepted and if among them is the one you want. Ideally, choose an operator that accepts, in addition to credit card and bank transfers, some electronic wallet. They are instantaneous and, above all, safe.

5. Customer service

If you plan to play at night and customer service has an office schedule, you may want to opt for another platform. Ideally, such a service be quick and available 24 hours a day. If not, it should at least match your game hours. It is also important that the forms of contact are diverse (telephone, email, chats …), free and in Spanish.

6. Welcome bonuses

To attract new customers, online platforms usually offer welcome gift vouchers, but in many cases they are associated with a minimum bet volume by the customer or a specific period and, if not used, disappears. It is essential, therefore, to read carefully its terms and conditions so that then there are no unpleasant surprises.

Casino Tips and Tricks for 2020

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Since not before playing we have to be sure that we can win in a simple way in the online casino game that you have chosen, so we will give you a series of practical tips to win more in your games.


There is nothing better than retiring on time, make a budget and do not overcome it for anything in the world, sometimes it is better to start again the next day.

Setting a budget will help you choose the most profitable game for you. Even if you don’t see it now, of course, this can help you have less losses, which also means a gain from the player’s point of view.

It can also help you have a clearer idea about the games that can go better with your budget, and thus not bring you unpleasant surprises.


Like playing in real casinos, it is easy to get bored if you continue playing the same game over and over again. If you are venturing into new games at the online casino, you must continue playing games like Blackjack and Craps. Games like Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud and American Roulette should be avoided if possible. They have a much higher house advantage, putting players who play these games at a significant disadvantage.

The slot game is one of the most profitable games in an online casino, since the investment is minimal to start the game, just a few cents per spin and yet the prizes to get are brutal reaching millions.

Large game operators are always a guarantee, when they use prestigious game publishing companies .


Another tip is that you get the promotions and bonuses that you only need in each casino. What you can do is register as a new player in several of them and to be able to enjoy more bonuses in different casinos, and even play the same game to have more opportunities, since many casinos share the same titles.

The latest casino tips and tricks

In this article we will talk about the tips and tricks of online casino. Currently, online casinos are very popular and offer their users a trip through a selection of the best and most entertaining casino games.

Online casino games tend to be very visual and captivating, to guarantee the player an experience as real as the one in a physical casino. These also give the player the opportunity to win attractive prizes, with just one click.

To ensure that the player experience is the best and that during the time you invest playing, you can get a prize, there are some casino tips and tricks. Actually, there are as many different tips and tricks as casino games. Whether the player is a beginner or an experienced player, these casino tricks will help you have healthier entertainment. And in some cases, get an advantage over the house.

The main casino games, such as roulette, blackjack , baccarat and popular slot machines have some tips and tricks that will help them reduce their risk. And be able to increase the chances of beating the house.

What should a player consider before starting to play in an online casino ?

Tips for playing in the online casino

The most important thing that the player has to take into account is that he must choose a reliable casino, appropriate to his needs. A first casino tip is to always choose trusted operators, either to win money on bets or just for fun. In this sense, you must choose those that have licenses and / or official records, essential for it to be considered a legal page. These casinos must be listed in the General Directorate of Game Management . And they must have the best security, privacy and data protection policies for their users.

A trick to choose a reliable casino is to review references and opinions on websites and online forums that deal with casino issues.

Casino tricks to reduce risks

One of the most important things a player should remember is that when he plays in the casino, he will inevitably lose some games. No matter how much experience you have, you should keep in mind that the odds usually always favor the house.

A great casino advice for the player to reduce his risk, in case of losing the games is that before starting to play, set limits. First of all, make a budget with the money you are willing to spend. Therefore, a casino trick is to choose tables or machines (in the case of slots) that have minimum and maximum bets. The player should never bet more than he can afford to lose. The casino player must be cautious and disciplined.

On the other hand, tempting luck is not a good casino trick. If the player has a good run and starts to win very often and a lot of money, it is best to stop and collect his winnings. Instead of continuing to bet and finally lose everything. And never ever, bet the money won, you must always follow the casino advice to stick to the budget. A casino tip is knowing when to stop and stop playing.

False casino statistics dictate that if a player has lost several consecutive games, then he can soon make a profit. This was invented, so that the player continues betting with the hope that he will soon win. This is totally false and is not considered a casino trick at all. The player must remember that most casino games are completely random. And there is no invisible force that counts his turns without success, hoping to accumulate several before granting a victory to the player.

Another casino tip is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the casinos. Especially if they are bonds without deposit. Since it may be one of the few times that the casino offers a player a bonus without preconditions , it will be important that he uses that bonus as intelligently as possible. A casino trick is to take advantage of these bonuses in games where the house advantage is less to have a greater chance of winning something.

In addition to all this, it is necessary for the player to establish a specific time of play. It is important to concentrate on the game, but you should try not to lose track of time to avoid making impulsive bets and that are out of budget.

Casino Tips and Tricks

A casino player should know that in any game he chooses he will be at the mercy of something, beyond chance . In slot machines, their luck is determined by their reels. In roulette everything is on the wheel and in baccarat it depends on the cards.

Slot machines are one of the most popular games since they usually offer some advantages to the player. A casino trick to choose a slot, is to choose those that have a progressive jackpot. In these, it is essential to play with maximum bet so that, in case the player wins, he can request the jackpot. A casino tip is to search among the slots that are offered, the one with the largest range of bets. There can be several groups of progressive machines and each one can have different prize percentages. The casino trick for slots, is to always choose the machine that offers the combination of prize percentage and bigger jackpot.

As for traditional board games, such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette, there are some casino tips and tricks that can be useful.

A casino trick in roulette , is to place external bets, either to the color of the number that will come out or if it will be even or odd or high or low.

On the other hand, bacarat is one of the casino games where the player will have the opportunity to use various casino tips and tricks to play. In this game, the player has to guess which hand game he will win, the bank or the player. Due to the fact that it has more complex rules for raising the playing cards, the house has a small advantage. One of the casino tricks in this game is to bet on the bank. This is because the house wins on average 45.9% of the game rounds. While the player’s hand can win 44.6% of game rounds.

Tips and tricks for online roulette

Once we know the best casino tricks, such as those seen in previous sections, it is also useful to know that these same tips and tricks are necessary to face different games in the environments of these online casinos. For example, it can happen in roulette so you can win without wasting your money.

The game of roulette is one of the most acclaimed of all time, some online casinos allow you to practice for free. But in general, you have to follow a series of tips so you don’t start losing your money right and left. The important thing is that you know that while you can not do wonders in each game, if you can make the most of some strategies.

Casino tips and tricks should be the daily bread of the people who play these online table games. It is not only about luck, as this can definitely be in your favor, but also the application of these tips in a suitable way so that they can take effect.

For example, you have users who spend a lot of time trying to find a way to increase profits, with some trick or infallible formula. You just have to play and know the board game very well, in this case roulette.

Keep in mind that you are as likely to win as to lose in a roulette game, so follow these casino tips and tricks. And in most cases, the house is more likely to win or get the best portion of the cake.

Follow the rules of the game, start playing the European version of roulette , as it is one that offers greater benefits for players. In addition, the house usually has in this game a 2.63% advantage over the players, but it is a lower percentage compared to other roulette versions.

When playing these board games like roulette, one of the tips to win is to use some strategy , as it increases your chances of winning. You can get more information, to play in a safe way. As part of these strategies, you can try the martingale system, Fixed bets, Fibonacci, Hollandish, among others.

Security tips to consider before betting on a live online casino

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The reality is that there are many websites in which the data of all of us are in a position of vulnerability to people with malicious intentions.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is possible to enjoy safer environments during the most common online activities such as banking operations and casino games and online gambling.

However, it is necessary to apply some advice to ensure that the data we provide to gaming platforms, banks and buy are protected.

Verify that it is a secure website

All live casino websites will have to have an SSL security certificate that allows encrypting user data during the live game login so that they cannot be stolen by viruses or other malware.

This can be verified in the upper left of the browser, in which the word “Safe” is highlighted in green, when the web has the security certificate, and “Not Safe” when it lacks it.

You should never enter data in any form of a website that has a “Not Sure” warning, as it will be information that will be exposed to theft.

Search for contact information and verify the accuracy of that data

All web pages of respectable casinos and especially live ones need a customer service department that is truly efficient.

It is necessary that you verify the existence of contact information such as email and telephone numbers and contact them before making deposits and starting to bet. If you notice that in customer service they are evasive, take time to respond or simply never respond, it will be better to work with another operator.

All betting websites that operate in Spanish territory must have authorization from the General Directorate of Gambling Management, which is under the Ministry of Finance and is responsible for maintaining surveillance and control over casino operators, gambling and bets in general, ensuring the safety of the clients of said services .

Prefer traditional means of payment

The best way to know if a casino operator is reliable is to analyze the payment methods offered. A sign of confidence is to offer traditional means of payment such as bank transfers and receive payments from processors such as PayPal .

If you only offer these processors, or some less known ones, as a means of payment, it is better not to use that website.

Use only track record operators

Live casino operators offer a verifiable track record and have a broad user base. It is necessary to use only operators that can guarantee the security of the money you invest in sports betting and the profits obtained.

In many forums you can consult other users if they have had any inconvenience with their betting operator and so you can choose the one that seems most convenient to you.

Tips for Newbies Playing Online Casino Games

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If you have never played online before, or you are quite new in the matter, this article was done to give you the information you need to get started, such as the fact that today there are quite a few online casinos that offer some features that are – according to many- more appreciated and that make the players experience a greater quality fun, than that which can be found in any physical casino.

For example, when playing online you can reset all your bets on the roulette table with a simple mouse click; and in a single zero roulette you could bet with one dollar chips. You can also play slots with much higher payout percentages than you would find in Las Vegas or anywhere else, to say it soon: up to 99%, sometimes. For video poker players, the abundant variety of machines offered by certain online casinos is amazing (sometimes they are up to 15 different machines with 9 different coin values). Such a variety of types is unheard of in a physical casino.

To facilitate your first experience in an online casino, follow the rules below; If you use these rules as a guide, your initiation by playing online gambling should be smooth and smooth.

Good luck at your start, and we hope you like playing online casinos as much as we do.

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